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Do you know someone that’s about to propose or looking for an engagement ring?
With a wedding around the corner, they’ll likely be starting to count all of their pennies.

That’s where you (and us) can help!

The Ringcommend Refer-A-Friend program benefits everyone…


Ringcommend - Refer A Friend Program




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Off any Ringcommend ring

Simply refer a friend to Ringcommend. If they purchase a ring, they automatically receive a $250 discount. As soon as they purchase, we send you an email requesting your details to make arrangements to immediately transfer you $100 cash. Everyone’s a winner!

Please complete this form and we’ll send it off to your friend:

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Ringcommend helps hopeless romantics find high-end engagement rings at wholesale prices.

They offer more than 500 different designs and cater to both big and small budgets. They even have a tool that tells you your best bang-for-buck ring based on your budget and preferences.

In addition to their price-match guarantee, you’ll also receive a $250 discount on any ring that you purchase. Simply use the promo code at checkout (or share verbally with anyone from their team) if you decide to make a purchase.

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