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Pear shaped diamonds resemble a twinkling teardrop—they have one pointed end and one rounded end, giving them an asymmetric beauty and a subtle yet sophisticated grace.

Pear shaped diamonds fuse the best of both the marquise and round brilliant cut diamond. They still nonetheless feature all of the same sparkling facets of the popular round brilliant cut, allowing them to offer maximum brilliance and fire. Just like marquise shaped diamonds, symmetry is key.

They can be worn with the pointy end pointing out towards the tips of the finger, which creates a slimming effect on the hand. They can equally be worn with the pointy end of the diamond pointing towards the heart of the wearer for added symbolism.

Pear shaped diamonds also fall into the category of ‘optical illusion’ diamonds, as their elongated shape makes them appear bigger than they actually are. The pear cut shape allows it to carry a greater surface area of the visible diamond, in contrast to other cut diamonds of equal carat weight. This means that you have the ability to stretch your budget further than if you were selecting a more traditional cut, like a round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring.

Because they are brilliant cuts, they still have the same great sparkle as round brilliant cut diamonds, but with a lower price point that provides greater bang-for-buck value.

Pear shaped rings work really well in solitaire and halo settings, as these bring out the best of your centerpiece diamond. Pear shaped diamonds are also very good at bringing out colour in your diamond—especially the case if setting your diamond onto a white gold or platinum ring. Inclusions can often be hidden well by pear shaped diamonds, allowing you to get maximum value by focusing on other elements of the 4Cs.

Pear shaped diamond engagement rings are a great option for women that want something feminine and sophisticated, yet somewhat unique.

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    Diamonds are weighed in units called carats. Its weight will indicate the diamond’s apparent size.



    Refers to how well the diamond's facets interact with light, its proportions, symmetry and overall finish.



    Actually refers to the absence of colour. The less colour, the better the diamond.



    Refers to the degree to which a diamond is free from internal and external flaws.



    The gem laboratory that produced the diamond report that records its physical specifications.



    As much a matter of personal preference as it is of budget. All of our gold rings are 18 karat.

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