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Born in Greece and having grown up in Melbourne, Tom was one of the first students to use photography in his Year 12 art portfolio. With his experimental and innovative approach he topped the state in Art that year. He went on to gain a Higher Diploma in Creative Arts at Melbourne State College, now part of University of Melbourne. During the 1970’s Tom was a highly regarded experimental filmmaker, with works shown at Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto and Mannheim film festivals. In 1981 Tom had an exhibition of photographs at Christine Abrahams Gallery in Melbourne.  His work has been shown at the Art Gallery of NSW and is in the photographic collection of the National Gallery of Victoria and Art Bank. Since then Tom has worked in the film industry as a cinematographer and stills photographer, taught photography and video at Koori College, Seaforth TAFE and Penrith TAFE, and for the last twenty years has had his own photographic studio, interspersing his commercial, wedding and portrait work with creative projects. Throughout his career Tom has had a reputation for innovation, experimentation, and working outside and beyond the usual parameters of the medium.

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