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For us, we believe a wedding should not be staged or contrived. A wedding is a day where you should live the moment, feel the emotion and take in the surroundings, the people and the love. With our style you can do all that, as we don’t steal you or your bridal party away for long photo sessions, making you stop and pose. Instead we follow you around as inconspicuously as possible capturing the day, letting you enjoy and live the moment whilst we observe you. This does not mean you won’t get portraits or family pics, it means that you will have them when you are interacting with those around you in a natural way without cheesy forced faces. As well with our style you will have one less thing to worry about on the day, and you can enjoy yourselves knowing your photographer has you covered without being in the way. The other thing that we find, is that men appreciate our candid style, as normaly men are more into having a good time  with their mates instead of being dragged away from the fun for a long posed shoot.

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