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After conducting thousands of weddings in and around Sydney and across Australia I feel confident I can give you the ceremony that reflects you as a couple. As a full-time, professional marriage celebrant and as a member of the AFCC and AMC, I am committed to providing a fully professional service to make your wedding a memorable occasion. I have been fortunate enough to have won several awards over the years for Exceptional Customer Service. It is rewarding to know my couples are happy with the comprehensive service that I offer. Whether you are interested in a short and simple ceremony or a more traditional marriage ceremony I am happy to accommodate your wishes. It is your wedding and you should have plenty of input as to how the ceremony is structured and its length. As your Marriage Celebrant, it is important to me you are 100% happy!

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I love LOVE! I’m also young, fresh, energetic, and everyone’s best friend. I do take my duties as a marriage celebrant very seriously but am not adverse to a laugh or two or maybe even more. On your wedding day I’m the friendly face helping to calm your nerves and make sure your ceremony runs smoothly. I am a member of The Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc. and an Australian Bridal Service Accredited Business. Before becoming a marriage celebrant I have had a successful career as an actor, singer and presenter, graduating with a Bachelor of Theatre Theory and Practice (Acting). My performing career has spanned into presenting, MC’ing, children’s theatre, cruise ships, television series and commercials, voiceover, directing and tour managing. I met my wonderful wife in a touring theatre production in 2010, I asked her to marry me in 2013 and I was approved to become a marriage celebrant whilst we were on our honeymoon in 2015. Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to have officiated 200+ wedding ceremonies and am looking forward to so many more!

Toni is a young, warm and vibrant celebrant who loves nothing more than sharing in those special occasions with you and your family, and helping you to create lasting memories to cherish forever. With you, Toni will plan, write and conduct your ceremony to give you a truly unique ceremony which your guests will recognise as being a reflection of you. Over the last 11 years, Toni has been involved with the wedding industry and continues to be excited by the new possibilities each ceremony brings. She loves working closely with you to help you fully realise your perfect ceremony, filled with all the things that you want, and maybe even discover a few things you didn’t even know were possible which you would love to include.

Tami’s style has been described as relaxed and fun; she prefers to reflect a couple’s personality and convey their hopes and intentions for the future, rather than regurgitate clichés. Tami also makes an effort to dress in alignment with the dress code & colour scheme. Couples and photographers love the way Tami subtly sneaks off to the side for the ‘money shots’ (exchanging vows and rings, the kiss) so she’s not in every ceremony pic. “Dear Tami, you are an amazing person – to be able to find the perfect set of words and create such a warm environment and bring out so much emotion! Such laughter, happiness and joy cannot be faked – you are the REAL DEAL.”

Right now you must be bursting with excitement at the thought of your wedding day! So much to think about and organise. I would love to be part of that excitement, offering guidance when needed to help you plan exactly what you want – stress free! A plan that embraces the people who are important to you and enables you to relax and feel comfortable and confident. From simple beach weddings to grand affairs, I have a high focus on attention to detail, professional standards and presentation skills. Let’s get together and make your wedding day the best day of your life… so far! “You only live once, but if you do it right – once is enough”

My motto is “Your Wedding, Your Ceremony” and my focus is “You on your special day”. I know every couple is different, so whatever your dreams are for your special day– be it a formal and elegant affair, a more casual and relaxed event or something simple like an elopement style wedding with just your two witnesses and me as your celebrant, I will work together with you to create a ceremony that will suit and be exclusively “your’s”! While getting married is a serious commitment, it doesn’t mean that your ceremony has to be serious as well. It should be a ‘bespoke’ ceremony filled with excitement, happiness, fun and laughter and maybe we can throw in a few happy tears as well. A perfect mixture of emotions that leads to the creation of a beautiful memory for my couples to cherish forever.

I’m Kiki Skountzos, a Sydney-based civil marriage celebrant who cannot wait to meet you two and help you create a magically memorable day. My couples describe me as “warm”, “charming”, “natural”, “engaging”, “funny”, “hilarious”, “magical”, “calming”, “professional” and “supportive”. I am a love enthusiast, and will be right by your side each step of the way to champion, guide and assist you as together we craft the perfect ceremony, highlighting everything about your love, your connection, your unique relationship and what you value most in this life that truly makes the two of you YOU. While organising an entire wedding can be a bit daunting, choosing the right celebrant should be a no-brainer – it should be someone you gel with, who makes you feel comfortable in their presence, and that you trust on a gut level to take you all the way through from the planning process, right up to your wedding day and beyond with warmth and ease.

I  am a vibrant, fun loving celebrant who is genuinely excited about all things wedding and related. Before completing my registration in 2017,  I’m honoured to have been involved in many wedding parties of my nearest and dearest, writing speeches and a go to person for knowing how to put into words exactly what you want to say. Being a celebrant is my absolute passion and honestly, I can’t believe I waited so long to get started! I am personable and enjoy meeting new people and hearing about what you’ve got planned. If there is one thing I’d like you to know, it would be that I genuinely believe that finding that person who you’ve chosen to do life with is exciting and should be celebrated! I became a celebrant because among other things, I understand that what this means and looks like can be completely different for everyone and at the same time, is the real deal. Don’t settle for a ceremony that is outdated or just the legally required part. 

Your ceremony is the gateway to your wedding day. As a life cycle celebrant and interfaith minister I will help you create a personalized ceremony that reflects your feelings as individuals and as a couple celebrating your unique story. I am friendly, professional, ethical, a good listener, good communicator, respectful, warm, and have a Great Sense of Humour. From Byron Bay to Bowral I honour all faith and cultural traditions and will thoughtfully craft a warm and memorable ceremony that celebrates your beliefs and values, religious spiritual or secular. Whether your wedding is a small intimate occasion, or large a formal or informal, traditional or non-traditional … I will listen to what is important to you. Together we will create a ceremony making all your dreams come true.

My secret is I love Love and Love Letters and Love Stories. It’s an absolute dream to be able to marry beautiful couples and to listen to every fairy tale. I’m a pharmacist by trade but instead, I’ve taken 2020 and beyond to turn my potion making skills into a year of love and romance. In addition to all the legal work, I work with couples to bring to life a ceremony that best represents who they are. I get a real kick out of being organised and making life as easy as possible for my couples. Short or long, silly or straight, your ceremony should reflect exactly who you are as individuals and as a couple and together we can make it perfect! It needs a touch of laughter and the right amount of tears and the beauty of those shared moments should be remembered forever.

Let your journey into wedded bliss begin with Julia Carlino – Celebrant & MC. With over 12 years of experience in media advertising, Julia brings a vibrant energy to crafting bespoke ceremonies that reflect the unique love story of each couple. As an authorised marriage celebrant, Julia’s passion lies in curating memorable and laughter-filled experiences for her clients. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, Julia ensures every detail is meticulously attended to, allowing couples to relax and enjoy their special day. With a commitment to personalisation and professionalism, Julia Carlino promises to make your wedding ceremony or event truly unforgettable.

Creating a marriage ceremony which is unique to you takes planning and consideration, and the best place to start is with a celebrant who will help you to realise your dreams. I am a professional Civil Marriage Celebrant authorised to perform ceremonies by the Attorney General. I would love to help you create your own magical and memorable UNIQUE ceremony that expresses your love, life and beliefs. Happy to marry all loving couples – LGBQTI.

A few years ago my best friend asked me to officiate her wedding ceremony in New York.  It was such an incredibly love-drenched, joy-filled and life-affirming experience that on the flight home I decided I would start  studying to become a Marriage Celebrant in Australia. I’ve got a lifetime of experience as a writer, editor and presenter in my back pocket. I’m a former magazine editor (I was at the helm of Gourmet Traveller, Sunday Life, CLEO and Girlfriend) and I’ve been a contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. So, if you’d like a journalist with over 20 years of experience at crafting great stories to pen your wedding ceremony, we should work together.

I am one of the most loved marriage celebrants in Sydney, available for every kind of wedding and commitment ceremony. Having recently been listed as one of the ten most popular celebrants in Sydney. I can help make your special day all the more beautiful by truly understanding your needs. I’m a civil marriage celebrant based in Sydney who is genuinely in love with love and I enjoy every minute of planning your special ceremony with you. Your wedding is a big occasion in the story of your romance, so allow me to make it truly your own. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in weddings of every kind with people from every walk of life, giving me an insight into all the different ways people celebrate their love. Whoever you are and whatever you’re planning, I’d love to be involved.

I have been a Marriage Celebrant since 1990. I hold qualifications in Celebrancy, and am also a Celebrant educator. I am very flexible and am happy to travel to you within the Sydney metropolitan area for initial appointments. I am prepared to go to all areas within New South Wales and interstate for your wedding. I have performed many weddings for couples from different cultures and am happy to incorporate special rituals into your marriage ceremony. I can perform your ceremony in English, German and/or Spanish. I support marriage equality. Sample ceremonies and readings can be provided to assist you in creating a personalised ceremony. It’s “your day, your way!”

I deliver professional, relaxed and personal ceremonies in all areas of Sydney and beyond. It is my desire to make your ceremony a very special occasion and one that will be remembered always. Over the past 13 years I have conducted over 2400 wedding ceremonies in Sydney and beyond. Many diverse ceremonies, extravagant to short and sweet, elopements, destination weddings, surprise weddings, renewal of vows and many wonderful wedding ceremonies that are always personally tailored to each couples style and uniqueness! I will ensure you and your guests enjoy a beautiful, meaningful ceremony that is spoken from the heart and sincerely captures your love, life experiences, and journey so far. Your wedding ceremony is important to me and I take a great deal of pride in crafting personal and engaging ceremonies delivered professionally, in a warm and friendly manner, and at the end of the day, memorable to all involved.

Your dream wedding is my ultimate goal. I am here to make it everything you want and MORE!. My couples have said I am “The Best Celebrant Ever”, “Beyond Amazing”, “Kind Hearted”, “Loving”, “Funny”, “Absolute Legend”, Genuine”, “Professional”, “Hilarious”, “The Perfect MC”. Also, my mum says I’m cool. I LOVE, love! Let’s make your wedding day absolutely perfect. As your Marriage Celebrant, it is my job is to support you, as I craft a unique ceremony that is as individual as the two of you. My diverse experience in both the performing arts and events industries will guarantee that your ceremony is written, planned, rehearsed and delivered seamlessly so that every moment is exactly want you want.  Your ceremony can be what ever you want it to be. I love highlighting the little moments that make your relationship special. By delivering a ceremony that celebrates who you are and the love you share, allows your guests to have a glimpse into your happiness and fun that makes you both unique.

Your Marriage Celebrant, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, offers formal or informal ceremonies, on a beach, on a boat, headland or in a floral garden, it would be my pleasure to provide you with my professional wedding celebrant services. I will attend to all legal paperwork, you will receive a commemorative marriage certificate. I am a Professionally trained Civil Marriage Celebrant and Justice of the Peace, appointed by the Attorney Generals Department in 2004. I LOVE my work – working closely with couples, like you, designing your Wedding Ceremony. As your wedding celebrant you can be assured of the best possible professional and confidential service that I can provide. I will assist you in designing your Ceremony to reflect your true personalities, feelings and thoughts – a Ceremony with heart and soul! Ensuring that your Wedding Day will be special and stay in your memories forever. I will set aside as much time as you need to discuss and listen to your wishes and ideas and I encourage you to have as much input as you desire.

Your Marriage Ceremony is a very special time in your life where you make a lifelong commitment to the one that you love. This is an occasion you will look back on and will remember always. I like to have the groom and bride fully involved in the planning and decisions in creating their ceremony. This way they have a ceremony that they are comfortable and happy with. The ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. I have sample ceremonies, optional wordings and poems that we can go through. You may even have some ideas that you would like included into the ceremony. We can then create “your ceremony”. If you have any special circumstances or special requests, we can incorporate these into the ceremony. Basically it is what you want. We will work together to make your ceremony one that you will be happy with, enjoy and fulfill your wishes.

I am mostly known for my love of being a Celebrant! People often refer to me as bubbly, caring, friendly, fun, genuine, kind & warm. I love serving the world by helping the couples I marry, look back on their special day with fond and loving memories knowing their ceremony was exactly how they always dreamed it would be. The things I am most passionate about in life are being a Celebrant and bringing warmth, fun and serenity into every ceremony, my gorgeous family & friends and my volunteer work with Orange Sky (a charity that helps the homeless). If you want your ceremony to be vibrant and happy, then I will help you create a memory that will make you smile for many years to come. I have helpful advice to share with you and a selection of amazing poems and words to help you express how you feel about your special bond and your decision to marry… it’s all about you!

Never has one kiss meant so much. A kiss that tells the tales of those before it. A kiss to spark and set alight a luminous and hopeful future. Nuala provides memorable wedding ceremonies designed for your special day for all couples, for any situation. Uniquely tailored to suit your personalised needs and offer you that perfect ceremony under any budget.

Let me get straight to the point, I am great at what I do or I simply wouldn’t do it. I am married. I have 3 kids, a husband and a blind dog, so life is full of fun, laughter, tears and challenges. It’s what makes things interesting. As a celebrant, I get to hear so many great stories from couples, parents of children or families of loved ones who have passed away. I want to help people share their stories, journeys or history with family and loved ones and make sure it is done right with the correct amount of fun, energy and emotion that it should. If you want me to tell your story, please get in touch.

Congratulations on your engagement.  I look forward to helping you plan for your special day.  A day of celebration and one of the most memorable days of your life. I’m a Marriage celebrant servicing Northern Beaches, Nabiac and the East Coast of NSW.  Whether your ceremony is big or small, formal, traditional or casual, in your home, on the beach, at a function center, in a park or by the lake, whatever it is your choice and I will provide you with a professional and friendly service.

This is your special occasion … a day filled with love, happiness and cherished memories. It is important that your wedding ceremony reflects your beliefs, values, traditions and the love you have for one another.  A civil ceremony for Australian couples is a popular choice which will provide you with the flexibility to achieve this. It is also important that you choose a celebrant with whom you feel relaxed and comfortable so that you are able to discuss your individual needs.  With a friendly and approachable manner, I am committed to working with you to understand what is important to you.  Together we will design a unique and personalised ceremony which will ensure that your wedding day is not only memorable … it will be unforgettable!

I am a Sydney Marriage Celebrant and Wedding MC. They call me The Wedding Pixie – so I got the sparkly shoes to match. (It’s a little like being a fairy godmother – but never, ever like a robot.) I feel very, very lucky to have the best jobs in the world. My bespoke marriage ceremonies are always moments of light, happiness and laughter. They are never cheesy, stiff or dull. Most importantly, they are for everyone. Love is love – and I love love. My wedding receptions and events are so carefully organised and managed that all you’ll see is the fun, the fabulous – and a whole lot of dancing. Your wedding should be a real, living, breathing moment. However you want it to be, it should be one that makes you, your family and your guests come away feeling like you have been part of something really special.

I’m here to help you create your dream wedding. Whether it’s a fun, personal, heartfelt or more creative style of wedding that you’re looking for, I am here to guide you through the process, legal aspects and make planning your special day effortless. Creating dream weddings is a skill. I draw upon my many years of experience in the corporate world, as a Wedding MC and event management roles. Combined with a passion for public speaking and writing stories I bring the right mix to the table to make your love shine on your wedding day. I love meeting couples and unearthing your shared stories, heartfelt moments and your love for one another. Throughout the preparations and on your wedding day, I bring a friendly mix of experience, warmth and life to make your day memorable for you and your guests.

Hi, I’m Alan and I am a love-aholic and believe that love is for everyone! I have been around the wedding industry for over 15 years, whether that be photographic stores, menswear, or jewellery; and I love the wedding industry—there is something about being around people in the happy bubble. Like most people my age, I had attended my share of cookie-cutter weddings where I would tell my friends, “I think I could do this better”—so that’s exactly why I became a civil marriage celebrant—to make weddings better. I offer fun and exciting wedding ceremonies that are customised to you.

Ceremonies by Karen Posener was born out of the passion from being a hopeless romantic.  I am an Authorised Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant and I have a Bachelor in Counselling and Coaching Degree. I love working with people. I believe, that couples should have the ceremony that is about their love and I will work with you to write your personal ceremony. When you have found that special someone to marry, I will help to create your unique wedding ceremony to make your day memorable.

As a full-time Sydney marriage celebrant, I live and breathe weddings. This is so much more than just a job. Making beautiful moments meaningful is my passion. With over 1000 weddings experience already (no, I’m not kidding), I’m still excited by each and every couple I meet – and every story I have the honour of sharing. What they say is true. Experience really counts. I’ve seen and learnt and done so much along the way, but I’m always listening to what you want and what you need. My wedding ceremonies are entirely personalised to be right for you. They are always romantic, honest, authentic and fun! I pride myself on bringing a contemporary approach, fresh new ideas and absolute attention to detail to every wedding I perform.

What sets Craig apart, and earns him rave reviews from his wedding client couples is that he takes the time to capture each couples’ relationship within the context of the ceremony. Your wedding day is of course a special occasion, you want everything to go well.  Craig will take the stress out of the ceremony, ensuring that your special day gets off to a great start.  You will walk away after signing the register feeling “Wow – that was truly about us!!”  You will be in a great mood for the rest of the day/night and it will be all good from there.

Getting married should be one of the best days of your life.  I would love to be a part of making that happen.  It should be full of fun, love and happiness without any stress. My name is Caterina and as a Civil Marriage Celebrant, allow me to create the perfect Wedding Ceremony that is tailored specifically for you.  I will ensure that every detail on your special day is everything you imagined… I will work with you to understand exactly what you wish to create, ensuring that every detail on your special day is everything you imagined, leaving you to relax and be assured of a  memory that will last a lifetime.

Sudesh from Inner Radiance is an experienced, Sydney based wedding celebrant helping every wedding ceremony radiate your love in a way that is special and meaningful to you, your families and guests. To ensure that your civil celebrant experience and wedding ceremony is just the way you want it, we take you through our Unique 3 C’s: Customisation, Collaboration and Celebration. I’m a civil marriage celebrant based in Sydney who is truly in love with love and I enjoy every minute of planning your special ceremony with you. By working with you to truly understand your marriage ceremony vision and dreams, I can make your wedding day beautiful to mark this special occasion in your love story.

Authentic, relaxed and professional, Jeremy Hodson was clearly born to be an emcee and celebrant. A celebrant since 1995 and a gifted public speaker Jeremy combines a fun approach with attention to detail to create a memorable marriage ceremony. Jeremy is also a trainer contracting with Australia’s premier RTO Rose Training where he teaches the Certificate IV in Celebrancy course for those who desire to become a celebrant. Popular on the wedding scene for his depth of talent and easy going personality, you are in the best of hands with Jeremy.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now that your wedding period is knocking at the door, you must be looking for a proficient marriage celebrant in Sydney to take care of your wedding ceremony! When you are booking a celebrant, you are not just reserving the service of someone to rock up to your wedding ceremony, you are also booking the lead supporting character of your wedding. Being an experienced and qualified wedding celebrant in Sydney I make sure that all the details of your ceremony are taken care of efficiently. I do not just turn up on the day of your wedding, I closely work with everyone involved to ensure that you have a stress-free wedding day.

I am a young, modern, friendly guy. That nice guy next door type who after one meeting, it feels like we’ve known each other for a life time. I may even borrow a cup of sugar on occasion. I specialise in Jewish themed weddings, interfaith weddings and of course, available to perform traditional weddings and same sex ceremonies. Every wedding ceremony I conduct is unique and personalised, with a touch of humour. Don’t worry, I reserve my dad jokes for my already embarrassed family.

I am passionate about love and marriage and have a very professional approach to each individual ceremony. I’m particularly passionate about love and marriage and take a professional approach to every ceremony, which I treat differently depending on the couple and their unique personality. Your wedding is about you and your partner and whether you choose to have a small, intimate gathering or a larger, more traditional wedding celebration, the decision is yours. My aim is to craft a ceremony that reflects you – and one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

I’m Craig Batchelor. I’m thirty-seven years young with a lust for life. I happily call Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW home and have a great love for the ocean and outdoors. I also love love. How good is this thing that makes you talk in a dorky voice saying things you swore you’d never say. I’m pretty passionate about how much I love love which is why I became a celebrant. Your story – and your love – is like none that have come before and so your wedding day should beam and scream you, which I would love to create. I’m a young, vibrant, and fun loving Sydney based Marriage Celebrant who LOVES a velvet jacket and a bow tie! The most important thing you need to know is that I love LOVE & I will bring all the feels to your ceremony! I became an authorised Marriage Celebrant for two reasons because I love love and because it gives me an excuse to constantly top up my velvet jacket, bow tie and pocket square collection.

Weddings are full of energy and excitement, and I love being able to harness that energy into a ceremony that is perfectly reflective of each couple. Being a celebrant is more than a job for me. It is something that fills my soul in a way I never imagined. I have been marrying couples for over 11 years and there is nothing more wonderful than working with a couple to plan their ceremony, and then see their joyful and excited faces on their wedding day. That is the best!!!! So, if you want a celebrant who is super organised, energetic and fun,  with a modern romantic vibe, get in touch, so we can get you started on your happily ever after!!!

Let me create your perfect ceremony. It’s about the two of you! It’s about all kinds of love! Being a Marriage Celebrant is a wonderful privilege. Having the opportunity to assist couples in ensuring that their day is exactly as they want it to be, is a joy that I look forward to creating. My years of experience in community work not only as a wife and mother, but also professionally compliments my passion for helping couples celebrate wonderful milestones in their lives. I am all for ceremonies that are outside the box, letting your imagination run wild or maybe even having a more traditional ceremony; there are so many choices that we can discuss! After all, love is love, and where there is love there is no limit. Let me help you through this journey, let’s chat! I would love to hear from you, let’s see what we can create together.

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. I am happy to accommodate your wishes, whether you prefer a short and simple ceremony or a more traditional marriage ceremony. I have many sample ceremonies, quotes and readings and together we can work on a personalised and unique ceremony for you. I am also very willing to incorporate your cultural rituals into your marriage ceremony. At our first consultation, I will start with the “big picture” you have in mind for your wedding and then move into details. Then I will liaise with you until you feel the ceremony has the words, music and symbols that truly express the loving bond you feel for each other. About a week before the wedding, we will have a rehearsal. And finally, there’s the “big day” with a ceremony that all will remember and enjoy! After all, it’s your wedding and you should be able to decide on its structure and length.

So… you’ve found someone to rock your life with. Go you! And now, you’re chasing a ceremony that’s a lil more confetti cannon than dove release. A little more party than done-to-death. Right? But let’s be real. Planning a wedding ain’t no fairy tale. Managing the ‘big day’, and all those expectations? It’s pretty overwhelming. Listen in, lovesters, cos this is important: Your guests are rocking up because they love you two. So kick back. Lean into the joy of it. The only expectations we need to nail are yours. And that? Is why I’m here. I’ll be your Chief Hypester. Master Organiser. Official Party Starter. As your marriage celebrant, I’ll get to the heart of the real you, flip and reverse the traditional, and make sure you get exactly the ceremony you want. We’ve got this. And when we tell your great love story, we’re gonna laugh, we’re gonna happy cry, we’re gonna sigh. Tissues people. Mascara’s gonna run.

Coral is the Most Awarded Marriage Celebrant in Australia. Winning the ABIA award for best celebrant in NSW at the Australian Bridal Industry Awards (ABIA) an event held annually to honour the best Wedding Suppliers in their individual fields. Each year around 20,000 couples in all states nationwide, were asked to vote for wedding suppliers who provided the couples outstanding service and value for money. The most recent award that Coral won was for Best Celebrant in NSW in 2014. Also at the 2015 National Australian Bridal Industry Awards held in Queensland, Coral won the Designer of Dreams Best Celebrant in Australia award.

I am passionate about creating ceremonies which bring joy to both the participants and guests. I work with couples and families to deliver professional and stylish ceremonies for weddings, partnership and commitment ceremonies, naming ceremonies, renewal of vows and funerals. I will officiate at traditional and not so traditional venues and I offer a range of ceremonies with inclusions to suit individual budgets. Your ceremony can be sweet and simple or you may choose to have it more unique with many options available, depending on your personal choice. I can offer suggestions and resources to assist you to create your ideal ceremony ensuring your personal values as well as cultural and religious beliefs are a significant inclusion. I have worked with young people and their families for many years as a leading educator, so I am thoughtful, sincere and caring in my interactions and professional relationships. You will find me reliable and easy to work with. I have always been excited about celebrating momentous events and have officiated on many formal occasions.

Every ceremony I write is individual. It has to be because you are. When you share your story with me you trust me with your dreams & memories; I consider that to be a great privilege. Your ceremony is written for you & about you. I have a genuine passion for guiding and working with people in some of the most important and emotion charged moments of their lives. With a career that brings a wealth of experience, much of which is intensely people-focussed, I delight in connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and different life experiences. People describe me as positive, organized, caring, empathetic, perceptive and adaptable to any situation with the ability to use the right amount of energy at the appropriate time and to bring a sense of quiet & calm when needed.

I am a trained and qualified Commonwealth registered Civil Marriage celebrant, well established with over a decade of experience in conducting Legal Civil Marriage ceremonies and “Life Celebrations”. I have Public Speaking skills and am a Registered Justice of Peace. It seems all my life I have been preparing for my role as a Celebrant. I believe your “Life” celebration should be authentic, reflect you and be meaningful and comprehensible to you and your guests. Your “celebration” should be a happy, welcoming and fuss free occasion. It’s your “special Day”, through my own life experiences I understand your investment of time, finance and aspirations to create your “life” celebration. I respect your ambitions and assure you I will devote myself to fulfilling your objectives in a caring and sensitive manner, which is genuine and dedicated.

I craft personal and meaningful wedding ceremonies to mark some of the most important moments of your life! On your wedding day, you are serving your guests and well-wishers with the food you love, favorite flowers, and all the pretty details that mean so much to you. So, why not tailor the ceremony the same way too? As a Wedding and Marriage Celebrant in Sydney, I work closely with you to help you choose your own vows, ceremony, themes, readings, choreography, unity ritual and music to create a meaningful ceremony. You can fully rely on having your wedding and marriage celebrant services officiated by me with complete professionalism, sincerity, warmth, and joy! As an experienced and qualified wedding celebrant, I help officiate beautiful and personalized ceremonies that deeply reflect your love, beliefs, hopes, and dreams for a life together. Whether it’s a long or short ceremony, formal or informal, interfaith or non-religious, secular or spiritual, your rites will always be at the heart of your wedding day.

With a splash of romance, a pinch of sparkle and a dollop of fun I can create the wedding you’ve dreamed of.  If you are after a wedding with style you have the right Celebrant. I am here to support you, for you to feel happy and relaxed.

Since 2008 I have helped couples make their wedding day a memorable experience, in places ranging from the Hunter Valley, the Blue Mountains, Byron Bay and greater Sydney. I love being a marriage celebrant and enjoy making people feel comfortable. I’m certainly qualified to do this having spent over 3 decades as a Flight Attendant with Qantas. My priority is to make each couple’s wedding the day they imagine. We will sit down together and talk about what is important to you.

Choosing your Marriage Celebrant is such an important decision. Your Celebrant should be professional and someone whom you trust to work with you every step of the way to create a truly personal ceremony that reflects who you are. I love people, hearing their stories and creating unique, individual and personalised ceremonies. I am a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant and Justice of the Peace, a member of Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc. and am based in Northwest Sydney. I welcome the opportunity of an obligation free meeting with you to discuss how I can help to make your special day everything that you want it to be.

Your celebration may be formal, informal or completely casual. It may be at your home, a beach, a restaurant, on a boat, in a park, a marquee, courtyard or vineyard… delighfully intimate, or on a grander scale. You may wish to use traditional words, adapt them to suit your individual and ceremony style, or create some fresh expressions for your values and love. Symbols, too, are often chosen to enhance the magic and focus of every kind of occasion. I have many suggestions – including ‘the warming of the rings’, ‘blending sand’, a union in wine or roses, or lovely candle ceremonies. However you wish to make your celebration special … I look forward to being your celebrant!

Hi, my name is Adrian Downey, a popular, relaxed, easy going, and affordable Civil Marriage Celebrant and Justice of the Peace JP (NSW). I would be honoured to be a part of your special day. Your ceremony is a very important moment in your lives—it is a sincere event, and it should be personal, exciting, joyful and fun. Whether you are looking for something traditional, something simple, or something in between; we will work together to create a ceremony that truly reflects you. Whilst I perform many ceremonies every year, no two ceremonies are the same—they are individual and personalised, no matter how big or small.

Congratulations on your engagement, exciting times ahead as you plan your dream wedding. I will help you create your ceremony the way you want it to be, with the confidence and ease so your wedding will be remembered forever. I am a hopeless romantic, I love everything about weddings, from our first meeting right through to the big day, seeing the love between my couples is truly beautiful. To be a part of your special day as your journey as one begins is an honour. Becoming a celebrant has been a long time desire for me, having worked in the corporate world for many years, I followed my heart, now its time to follow yours – To Get Married.

I am passionate to create the wedding of Your Dreams! As one Of Sydney’s Most Fun Inner West Celebrants and with over nine years as a dedicated Sydney based Marriage Celebrant ~ Your Wedding is the one I would love to create! This is “your wedding day”, no-one else’s, so it can be whatever your imagination allows. It can be romantic and intimate, traditional and larger than life, or perhaps a little bit of everything, and I will help you create a ceremony just for you, including, if you wish, your own story!I was honoured to be chosen as one of the Top 10 most popular marriage celebrants in Sydney by Easy Weddings!

How about a wedding ceremony written by an internationally published writer? To create your dream wedding ceremony, the dress is not the only thing that needs to fit – your Marriage Celebrant should too. Because your wedding ceremony is one of the most significant and important events of your life, you need a Marriage Celebrant who can deliver a ceremony your guests will talk about for years. As an Internationally Published Writer and one of Sydney’s Top Marriage Celebrants, I ensure your wedding ceremony is heaps of fun and warmth; engaging, punchy and meaningful; unique and authentically you.

Hi, I’m Venessa. I love love. Watching a couple grow during the wedding planning process and being part of their special day is a beautiful privilege. Just as the name alludes, planning your wedding is all about you and it should be unique. Your wedding day, your way! I specialise in personalising your ceremony so it reflects everything about you as a couple and brings your personalities to the forefront. Being on the public speaking circuit for 15 years, I will take all the nerves out of your day. You will have endless support and professional guidance, enabling you to have a ceremony dreams are made of.

My vision as a marriage celebrant is to make wonderful, long lasting, special memories for couples on one of the most important days of their lives! As a marriage celebrant, I have had the privilege of being part of so many couples’ lives for over six years now. One of the things I always enjoy is meeting new couples, experiencing their moments together and translating those into a ceremony that all will remember for a long long time. I was recently married myself, so may even have some pearls of wisdom! If I’m the lucky one you choose to be your celebrant it will be my absolute honour. I want to hear all about how you met, what you love about one another and why you’ve chosen to make this wonderful commitment to each other. Then I’ll take my time to carefully write your unique wedding ceremony and send it to you for your approval.

A fun, friendly, considerate, helpful, professional, Family Celebrant with a difference; a permanent smile, a listening ear, and loads of experience. I love what I do!… and I believe & trust that you will too. I want you to enjoy your Ceremony as much as I do; or better yet, even more, than I do! There is a reason that other celebrants come to me for advice. And a reason a guest at a ceremony came to me to say: “don’t you ever stop doing what you are doing, you were born to this”! I put you at the centre of everything. It is your ceremony so let’s design it together and make it wonderful.

I enjoy the thrill of developing a truly unique ceremony with my couples. Each ceremony tells their special story and creates a treasured memory for everyone. Whether you are having a small intimate occasion or a great gathering, as your celebrant I will listen to your wishes and help to create a celebration that is enjoyable and reflective of you – emotional, fun and relaxed. This is a special time in your life and I would love to work with you to ensure everything is how you wish it to be on your wedding day.

Your wedding ceremony is your chance to stand before your friends and family and declare your love and commitment to each other. This is a personal experience which involves you and the people you hold closest to you. I can’t promise you the weather will be ideal, I can’t promise you a completely stress-free day, I can’t promise you a solution to the global economy, World peace or a reason why Phil Collins still makes music. But I can promise you will be positively delighted with your wedding ceremony.

With your participation we will create a personalised, exciting, uplifting and most of all – a memorable ceremony around you. I am a consummate professional and my approach to your special event will be distinctive and performed with particular attention to detail. I look forward to helping to create an unforgettable ceremony for you and your loved ones.

Your love story deserves to be told in a way that speaks to your soul – and the day you and your partner take your love to the next level should reflect your journey as a couple. Your marriage celebrant is the key to pulling all the pieces of your big day together, guiding you through your vows with excitement, warmth, happiness and, above all, love – so choosing the right person to lead your ceremony is definitely a big deal! I’m Shelly Bennett: the marriage celebrant Sydney couples trust to do all of this and more. I value creating genuine connections with those preparing to wed, and I’m passionate about crafting a day that is as individual and unique as you are as a couple. I specialise in transforming your wedding-day dreams into reality with a ceremony that captures the essence of your love, whatever vision you have for your unforgettable day.

Hi, I’m Del Edwards an Authorised Marriage Celebrant located in Sydney’s Macarthur region.  I have been helping brides and grooms across Campbelltown, Camden, Southern Highlands, Wollongong and Sydney create the perfect wedding ceremony for many years. I believe every bride and groom deserves the ceremony of their dreams and I know that together we can make your day a very special one. Your celebrant should be someone who is a ‘good fit’ for you, someone who makes you feel at ease.  Everyone is different and it really is a personal choice.

Your love is like no other… your ceremony should be the same! As an authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant, I am passionate about my role and responsibility – it is my honour and privilege to perform the ceremony for your marriage! I welcome the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy hearing each and every love story… the journey that has led you to the decision to have a civil ceremony. As your celebrant, I will do everything within my power to ensure that your special day is everything you want it to be. I will listen to your requirements and ideas and ensure that your ceremony is exactly imagined. The most rewarding part of being a celebrant is when my couples or their family and guests approach me at the end of their ceremony and tell me it was perfect! Or that it was exactly as they’d hoped for and more!

Libby has devoted her whole life to “making people feel good ” in the hair and fashion industry. Her warm, friendly, fun personality helps people feel at ease around her; this helps you feel safe and confident you are in good hands. Libby has also built a highly successful global award winning business and understands the importance of clear communication between her client and herself to be able to deliver a quality service that makes the process of getting married an enjoyable experience. Libby provides a ceremony that sets the perfect mood for the rest of your celebrations.

I am a Sydney based civil marriage celebrant who can help you create the perfect wedding ceremony unifying you and your partner’s unique personalities in just about any location across Australia. Whether it is intimate, traditional or boasting that creative flair, we’ll collaborate to ensure your ceremony is everything you wish for. With some amazing locations out there, these days a wedding doesn’t need to be restricted to a licensed location. Perhaps you want to get married in a location that has sentimental meaning to you, such as the vineyards, the beach, the caves, a castle, the forest, or your own back garden? We can make it happen. This is where dreams come true! Happily ever after starts here…