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The Definitive Guide to the Top Marriage Celebrants in Sydney

The Definitive Guide to the Top Marriage Celebrants in Sydney

Your wedding day will be remembered as one of the most special and sentimental days of your life together. It marks the formal moment you and your partner make the decision to spend the rest of your lives together.

It’s important that you find a marriage celebrant that resonates with you and the style of wedding you’re going for.

With so many options to pick from, how do you decide who to entrust with this critical job?

The good news is you don’t have to. We’ve already done it for you.

We’ve scoped out the top Sydney marriage celebrants that will make your already special day even more special. Now all you need to do is pick which one is right for you!

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Your wedding ceremony is your chance to stand before your friends and family and declare your love and commitment to each other. This is a personal experience which involves you and the people you hold closest to you. I can’t promise you the weather will be ideal, I can’t promise you a completely stress-free day, I can’t promise you a solution to the global economy, World peace or a reason why Phil Collins still makes music. But I can promise you will be positively delighted with your wedding ceremony.

Hi, I’m Alan and I am a love-aholic and believe that love is for everyone! I have been around the wedding industry for over 15 years, whether that be photographic stores, menswear, or jewellery; and I love the wedding industry—there is something about being around people in the happy bubble. Like most people my age, I had attended my share of cookie-cutter weddings where I would tell my friends, “I think I could do this better”—so that’s exactly why I became a civil marriage celebrant—to make weddings better. I offer fun and exciting wedding ceremonies that are customised to you.

Getting married should be one of the best days of your life.  I would love to be a part of making that happen.  It should be full of fun, love and happiness without any stress. My name is Caterina and as a Civil Marriage Celebrant, allow me to create the perfect Wedding Ceremony that is tailored specifically for you.  I will ensure that every detail on your special day is everything you imagined… I will work with you to understand exactly what you wish to create, ensuring that every detail on your special day is everything you imagined, leaving you to relax and be assured of a  memory that will last a lifetime.

Libby has devoted her whole life to “making people feel good ” in the hair and fashion industry. Her warm, friendly, fun personality helps people feel at ease around her; this helps you feel safe and confident you are in good hands. Libby has also built a highly successful global award winning business and understands the importance of clear communication between her client and herself to be able to deliver a quality service that makes the process of getting married an enjoyable experience. Libby provides a ceremony that sets the perfect mood for the rest of your celebrations.

Ceremonies by Karen Posener was born out of the passion from being a hopeless romantic.  I am an Authorised Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant and I have a Bachelor in Counselling and Coaching Degree. I love working with people. I believe, that couples should have the ceremony that is about their love and I will work with you to write your personal ceremony. When you have found that special someone to marry, I will help to create your unique wedding ceremony to make your day memorable.

So… you’ve found someone to rock your life with. Go you! And now, you’re chasing a ceremony that’s a lil more confetti cannon than dove release. A little more party than done-to-death. Right? But let’s be real. Planning a wedding ain’t no fairy tale. Managing the ‘big day’, and all those expectations? It’s pretty overwhelming. Listen in, lovesters, cos this is important: Your guests are rocking up because they love you two. So kick back. Lean into the joy of it. The only expectations we need to nail are yours. And that? Is why I’m here. I’ll be your Chief Hypester. Master Organiser. Official Party Starter. As your marriage celebrant, I’ll get to the heart of the real you, flip and reverse the traditional, and make sure you get exactly the ceremony you want. We’ve got this. And when we tell your great love story, we’re gonna laugh, we’re gonna happy cry, we’re gonna sigh. Tissues people. Mascara’s gonna run.

I am a trained and qualified Commonwealth registered Civil Marriage celebrant, well established with over a decade of experience in conducting Legal Civil Marriage ceremonies and “Life Celebrations”. I have Public Speaking skills and am a Registered Justice of Peace. It seems all my life I have been preparing for my role as a Celebrant. I believe your “Life” celebration should be authentic, reflect you and be meaningful and comprehensible to you and your guests. Your “celebration” should be a happy, welcoming and fuss free occasion. It’s your “special Day”, through my own life experiences I understand your investment of time, finance and aspirations to create your “life” celebration. I respect your ambitions and assure you I will devote myself to fulfilling your objectives in a caring and sensitive manner, which is genuine and dedicated.

Your dream wedding is my ultimate goal. I am here to make it everything you want and MORE!. My couples have said I am “The Best Celebrant Ever”, “Beyond Amazing”, “Kind Hearted”, “Loving”, “Funny”, “Absolute Legend”, Genuine”, “Professional”, “Hilarious”, “The Perfect MC”. Also, my mum says I’m cool. I LOVE, love! Let’s make your wedding day absolutely perfect. As your Marriage Celebrant, it is my job is to support you, as I craft a unique ceremony that is as individual as the two of you. My diverse experience in both the performing arts and events industries will guarantee that your ceremony is written, planned, rehearsed and delivered seamlessly so that every moment is exactly want you want.  Your ceremony can be what ever you want it to be. I love highlighting the little moments that make your relationship special. By delivering a ceremony that celebrates who you are and the love you share, allows your guests to have a glimpse into your happiness and fun that makes you both unique.

What sets Craig apart, and earns him rave reviews from his wedding client couples is that he takes the time to capture each couples’ relationship within the context of the ceremony. Your wedding day is of course a special occasion, you want everything to go well.  Craig will take the stress out of the ceremony, ensuring that your special day gets off to a great start.  You will walk away after signing the register feeling “Wow – that was truly about us!!”  You will be in a great mood for the rest of the day/night and it will be all good from there.

Weddings are full of energy and excitement, and I love being able to harness that energy into a ceremony that is perfectly reflective of each couple. Being a celebrant is more than a job for me. It is something that fills my soul in a way I never imagined. I have been marrying couples for over 11 years and there is nothing more wonderful than working with a couple to plan their ceremony, and then see their joyful and excited faces on their wedding day. That is the best!!!! So, if you want a celebrant who is super organised, energetic and fun,  with a modern romantic vibe, get in touch, so we can get you started on your happily ever after!!!

My secret is I love Love and Love Letters and Love Stories. It’s an absolute dream to be able to marry beautiful couples and to listen to every fairy tale. I’m a pharmacist by trade but instead, I’ve taken 2020 and beyond to turn my potion making skills into a year of love and romance. In addition to all the legal work, I work with couples to bring to life a ceremony that best represents who they are. I get a real kick out of being organised and making life as easy as possible for my couples. Short or long, silly or straight, your ceremony should reflect exactly who you are as individuals and as a couple and together we can make it perfect! It needs a touch of laughter and the right amount of tears and the beauty of those shared moments should be remembered forever.

Let me create your perfect ceremony. It’s about the two of you! It’s about all kinds of love! Being a Marriage Celebrant is a wonderful privilege. Having the opportunity to assist couples in ensuring that their day is exactly as they want it to be, is a joy that I look forward to creating. My years of experience in community work not only as a wife and mother, but also professionally compliments my passion for helping couples celebrate wonderful milestones in their lives. I am all for ceremonies that are outside the box, letting your imagination run wild or maybe even having a more traditional ceremony; there are so many choices that we can discuss! After all, love is love, and where there is love there is no limit. Let me help you through this journey, let’s chat! I would love to hear from you, let’s see what we can create together.

Creating a marriage ceremony which is unique to you takes planning and consideration, and the best place to start is with a celebrant who will help you to realise your dreams. I am a professional Civil Marriage Celebrant authorised to perform ceremonies by the Attorney General. I would love to help you create your own magical and memorable UNIQUE ceremony that expresses your love, life and beliefs. Happy to marry all loving couples – LGBQTI.

Your celebration may be formal, informal or completely casual. It may be at your home, a beach, a restaurant, on a boat, in a park, a marquee, courtyard or vineyard… delighfully intimate, or on a grander scale. You may wish to use traditional words, adapt them to suit your individual and ceremony style, or create some fresh expressions for your values and love. Symbols, too, are often chosen to enhance the magic and focus of every kind of occasion. I have many suggestions – including ‘the warming of the rings’, ‘blending sand’, a union in wine or roses, or lovely candle ceremonies. However you wish to make your celebration special … I look forward to being your celebrant!

Authentic, relaxed and professional, Jeremy Hodson was clearly born to be an emcee and celebrant. A celebrant since 1995 and a gifted public speaker Jeremy combines a fun approach with attention to detail to create a memorable marriage ceremony. Jeremy is also a trainer contracting with Australia’s premier RTO Rose Training where he teaches the Certificate IV in Celebrancy course for those who desire to become a celebrant. Popular on the wedding scene for his depth of talent and easy going personality, you are in the best of hands with Jeremy.

Every ceremony I write is individual. It has to be because you are. When you share your story with me you trust me with your dreams & memories; I consider that to be a great privilege. Your ceremony is written for you & about you. I have a genuine passion for guiding and working with people in some of the most important and emotion charged moments of their lives. With a career that brings a wealth of experience, much of which is intensely people-focussed, I delight in connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and different life experiences. People describe me as positive, organized, caring, empathetic, perceptive and adaptable to any situation with the ability to use the right amount of energy at the appropriate time and to bring a sense of quiet & calm when needed.

Never has one kiss meant so much. A kiss that tells the tales of those before it. A kiss to spark and set alight a luminous and hopeful future. Nuala provides memorable wedding ceremonies designed for your special day for all couples, for any situation. Uniquely tailored to suit your personalised needs and offer you that perfect ceremony under any budget.

Since 2008 I have helped couples make their wedding day a memorable experience, in places ranging from the Hunter Valley, the Blue Mountains, Byron Bay and greater Sydney. I love being a marriage celebrant and enjoy making people feel comfortable. I’m certainly qualified to do this having spent over 3 decades as a Flight Attendant with Qantas. My priority is to make each couple’s wedding the day they imagine. We will sit down together and talk about what is important to you.

Your love is like no other… your ceremony should be the same! As an authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant, I am passionate about my role and responsibility – it is my honour and privilege to perform the ceremony for your marriage! I welcome the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy hearing each and every love story… the journey that has led you to the decision to have a civil ceremony. As your celebrant, I will do everything within my power to ensure that your special day is everything you want it to be. I will listen to your requirements and ideas and ensure that your ceremony is exactly imagined. The most rewarding part of being a celebrant is when my couples or their family and guests approach me at the end of their ceremony and tell me it was perfect! Or that it was exactly as they’d hoped for and more!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now that your wedding period is knocking at the door, you must be looking for a proficient marriage celebrant in Sydney to take care of your wedding ceremony! When you are booking a celebrant, you are not just reserving the service of someone to rock up to your wedding ceremony, you are also booking the lead supporting character of your wedding. Being an experienced and qualified wedding celebrant in Sydney I make sure that all the details of your ceremony are taken care of efficiently. I do not just turn up on the day of your wedding, I closely work with everyone involved to ensure that you have a stress-free wedding day.