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The Definitive Guide to the Top Marriage Celebrants in Sydney

The Definitive Guide to the Top Marriage Celebrants in Sydney

Your wedding day will be remembered as one of the most special and sentimental days of your life together. It marks the formal moment you and your partner make the decision to spend the rest of your lives together.

It’s important that you find a marriage celebrant that resonates with you and the style of wedding you’re going for.

With so many options to pick from, how do you decide who to entrust with this critical job?

The good news is you don’t have to. We’ve already done it for you.

We’ve scoped out the top Sydney marriage celebrants that will make your already special day even more special. Now all you need to do is pick which one is right for you!

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My secret is I love Love and Love Letters and Love Stories. It’s an absolute dream to be able to marry beautiful couples and to listen to every fairy tale. I’m a pharmacist by trade but instead, I’ve taken 2020 and beyond to turn my potion making skills into a year of love and romance. In addition to all the legal work, I work with couples to bring to life a ceremony that best represents who they are. I get a real kick out of being organised and making life as easy as possible for my couples. Short or long, silly or straight, your ceremony should reflect exactly who you are as individuals and as a couple and together we can make it perfect! It needs a touch of laughter and the right amount of tears and the beauty of those shared moments should be remembered forever.

I  am a vibrant, fun loving celebrant who is genuinely excited about all things wedding and related. Before completing my registration in 2017,  I’m honoured to have been involved in many wedding parties of my nearest and dearest, writing speeches and a go to person for knowing how to put into words exactly what you want to say. Being a celebrant is my absolute passion and honestly, I can’t believe I waited so long to get started! I am personable and enjoy meeting new people and hearing about what you’ve got planned. If there is one thing I’d like you to know, it would be that I genuinely believe that finding that person who you’ve chosen to do life with is exciting and should be celebrated! I became a celebrant because among other things, I understand that what this means and looks like can be completely different for everyone and at the same time, is the real deal. Don’t settle for a ceremony that is outdated or just the legally required part. 

Never has one kiss meant so much. A kiss that tells the tales of those before it. A kiss to spark and set alight a luminous and hopeful future. Nuala provides memorable wedding ceremonies designed for your special day for all couples, for any situation. Uniquely tailored to suit your personalised needs and offer you that perfect ceremony under any budget.

I’m Craig Batchelor. I’m thirty-seven years young with a lust for life. I happily call Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW home and have a great love for the ocean and outdoors. I also love love. How good is this thing that makes you talk in a dorky voice saying things you swore you’d never say. I’m pretty passionate about how much I love love which is why I became a celebrant. Your story – and your love – is like none that have come before and so your wedding day should beam and scream you, which I would love to create. I’m a young, vibrant, and fun loving Sydney based Marriage Celebrant who LOVES a velvet jacket and a bow tie! The most important thing you need to know is that I love LOVE & I will bring all the feels to your ceremony! I became an authorised Marriage Celebrant for two reasons because I love love and because it gives me an excuse to constantly top up my velvet jacket, bow tie and pocket square collection.

I have been a Marriage Celebrant since 1990. I hold qualifications in Celebrancy, and am also a Celebrant educator. I am very flexible and am happy to travel to you within the Sydney metropolitan area for initial appointments. I am prepared to go to all areas within New South Wales and interstate for your wedding. I have performed many weddings for couples from different cultures and am happy to incorporate special rituals into your marriage ceremony. I can perform your ceremony in English, German and/or Spanish. I support marriage equality. Sample ceremonies and readings can be provided to assist you in creating a personalised ceremony. It’s “your day, your way!”

How about a wedding ceremony written by an internationally published writer? To create your dream wedding ceremony, the dress is not the only thing that needs to fit – your Marriage Celebrant should too. Because your wedding ceremony is one of the most significant and important events of your life, you need a Marriage Celebrant who can deliver a ceremony your guests will talk about for years. As an Internationally Published Writer and one of Sydney’s Top Marriage Celebrants, I ensure your wedding ceremony is heaps of fun and warmth; engaging, punchy and meaningful; unique and authentically you.

So… you’ve found someone to rock your life with. Go you! And now, you’re chasing a ceremony that’s a lil more confetti cannon than dove release. A little more party than done-to-death. Right? But let’s be real. Planning a wedding ain’t no fairy tale. Managing the ‘big day’, and all those expectations? It’s pretty overwhelming. Listen in, lovesters, cos this is important: Your guests are rocking up because they love you two. So kick back. Lean into the joy of it. The only expectations we need to nail are yours. And that? Is why I’m here. I’ll be your Chief Hypester. Master Organiser. Official Party Starter. As your marriage celebrant, I’ll get to the heart of the real you, flip and reverse the traditional, and make sure you get exactly the ceremony you want. We’ve got this. And when we tell your great love story, we’re gonna laugh, we’re gonna happy cry, we’re gonna sigh. Tissues people. Mascara’s gonna run.

Your Marriage Ceremony is a very special time in your life where you make a lifelong commitment to the one that you love. This is an occasion you will look back on and will remember always. I like to have the groom and bride fully involved in the planning and decisions in creating their ceremony. This way they have a ceremony that they are comfortable and happy with. The ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. I have sample ceremonies, optional wordings and poems that we can go through. You may even have some ideas that you would like included into the ceremony. We can then create “your ceremony”. If you have any special circumstances or special requests, we can incorporate these into the ceremony. Basically it is what you want. We will work together to make your ceremony one that you will be happy with, enjoy and fulfill your wishes.

With your participation we will create a personalised, exciting, uplifting and most of all – a memorable ceremony around you. I am a consummate professional and my approach to your special event will be distinctive and performed with particular attention to detail. I look forward to helping to create an unforgettable ceremony for you and your loved ones.

Every ceremony I write is individual. It has to be because you are. When you share your story with me you trust me with your dreams & memories; I consider that to be a great privilege. Your ceremony is written for you & about you. I have a genuine passion for guiding and working with people in some of the most important and emotion charged moments of their lives. With a career that brings a wealth of experience, much of which is intensely people-focussed, I delight in connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and different life experiences. People describe me as positive, organized, caring, empathetic, perceptive and adaptable to any situation with the ability to use the right amount of energy at the appropriate time and to bring a sense of quiet & calm when needed.

Hi, I’m Venessa. I love love. Watching a couple grow during the wedding planning process and being part of their special day is a beautiful privilege. Just as the name alludes, planning your wedding is all about you and it should be unique. Your wedding day, your way! I specialise in personalising your ceremony so it reflects everything about you as a couple and brings your personalities to the forefront. Being on the public speaking circuit for 15 years, I will take all the nerves out of your day. You will have endless support and professional guidance, enabling you to have a ceremony dreams are made of.

Your wedding ceremony is your chance to stand before your friends and family and declare your love and commitment to each other. This is a personal experience which involves you and the people you hold closest to you. I can’t promise you the weather will be ideal, I can’t promise you a completely stress-free day, I can’t promise you a solution to the global economy, World peace or a reason why Phil Collins still makes music. But I can promise you will be positively delighted with your wedding ceremony.

I’m here to help you create your dream wedding. Whether it’s a fun, personal, heartfelt or more creative style of wedding that you’re looking for, I am here to guide you through the process, legal aspects and make planning your special day effortless. Creating dream weddings is a skill. I draw upon my many years of experience in the corporate world, as a Wedding MC and event management roles. Combined with a passion for public speaking and writing stories I bring the right mix to the table to make your love shine on your wedding day. I love meeting couples and unearthing your shared stories, heartfelt moments and your love for one another. Throughout the preparations and on your wedding day, I bring a friendly mix of experience, warmth and life to make your day memorable for you and your guests.

I am one of the most loved marriage celebrants in Sydney, available for every kind of wedding and commitment ceremony. Having recently been listed as one of the ten most popular celebrants in Sydney. I can help make your special day all the more beautiful by truly understanding your needs. I’m a civil marriage celebrant based in Sydney who is genuinely in love with love and I enjoy every minute of planning your special ceremony with you. Your wedding is a big occasion in the story of your romance, so allow me to make it truly your own. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in weddings of every kind with people from every walk of life, giving me an insight into all the different ways people celebrate their love. Whoever you are and whatever you’re planning, I’d love to be involved.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now that your wedding period is knocking at the door, you must be looking for a proficient marriage celebrant in Sydney to take care of your wedding ceremony! When you are booking a celebrant, you are not just reserving the service of someone to rock up to your wedding ceremony, you are also booking the lead supporting character of your wedding. Being an experienced and qualified wedding celebrant in Sydney I make sure that all the details of your ceremony are taken care of efficiently. I do not just turn up on the day of your wedding, I closely work with everyone involved to ensure that you have a stress-free wedding day.

I am passionate about creating ceremonies which bring joy to both the participants and guests. I work with couples and families to deliver professional and stylish ceremonies for weddings, partnership and commitment ceremonies, naming ceremonies, renewal of vows and funerals. I will officiate at traditional and not so traditional venues and I offer a range of ceremonies with inclusions to suit individual budgets. Your ceremony can be sweet and simple or you may choose to have it more unique with many options available, depending on your personal choice. I can offer suggestions and resources to assist you to create your ideal ceremony ensuring your personal values as well as cultural and religious beliefs are a significant inclusion. I have worked with young people and their families for many years as a leading educator, so I am thoughtful, sincere and caring in my interactions and professional relationships. You will find me reliable and easy to work with. I have always been excited about celebrating momentous events and have officiated on many formal occasions.

As a full-time Sydney marriage celebrant, I live and breathe weddings. This is so much more than just a job. Making beautiful moments meaningful is my passion. With over 1000 weddings experience already (no, I’m not kidding), I’m still excited by each and every couple I meet – and every story I have the honour of sharing. What they say is true. Experience really counts. I’ve seen and learnt and done so much along the way, but I’m always listening to what you want and what you need. My wedding ceremonies are entirely personalised to be right for you. They are always romantic, honest, authentic and fun! I pride myself on bringing a contemporary approach, fresh new ideas and absolute attention to detail to every wedding I perform.

Your dream wedding is my ultimate goal. I am here to make it everything you want and MORE!. My couples have said I am “The Best Celebrant Ever”, “Beyond Amazing”, “Kind Hearted”, “Loving”, “Funny”, “Absolute Legend”, Genuine”, “Professional”, “Hilarious”, “The Perfect MC”. Also, my mum says I’m cool. I LOVE, love! Let’s make your wedding day absolutely perfect. As your Marriage Celebrant, it is my job is to support you, as I craft a unique ceremony that is as individual as the two of you. My diverse experience in both the performing arts and events industries will guarantee that your ceremony is written, planned, rehearsed and delivered seamlessly so that every moment is exactly want you want.  Your ceremony can be what ever you want it to be. I love highlighting the little moments that make your relationship special. By delivering a ceremony that celebrates who you are and the love you share, allows your guests to have a glimpse into your happiness and fun that makes you both unique.

I am a Sydney Marriage Celebrant and Wedding MC. They call me The Wedding Pixie – so I got the sparkly shoes to match. (It’s a little like being a fairy godmother – but never, ever like a robot.) I feel very, very lucky to have the best jobs in the world. My bespoke marriage ceremonies are always moments of light, happiness and laughter. They are never cheesy, stiff or dull. Most importantly, they are for everyone. Love is love – and I love love. My wedding receptions and events are so carefully organised and managed that all you’ll see is the fun, the fabulous – and a whole lot of dancing. Your wedding should be a real, living, breathing moment. However you want it to be, it should be one that makes you, your family and your guests come away feeling like you have been part of something really special.