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Picking the Perfect Place to Propose in Perth

There’s no shortage of incredible places to propose to your girlfriend in Perth. You only get one chance to pop the question, so getting this right will create an ever-lasting memory etched into your relationship forevermore.

Below we’ve summarised 10 great places to propose in Perth that represent some the best proposal locations that are sure to impress.

Matagarup Bridge

City Iconic

Matagarup Bridge

The bridge climb is a 314-step trek up the bridge’s main arch, ascending about 60 metres to the ‘sky view’ platform. You and your wife-to-be will ‘zip’ at up to 100 km/h from the launch platform along 400-metre-long dual cables, extending from the western wishbone of the bridge structure, across the Swan River, to the landing platform located in scenic Burswood Park. Could there be a more exhilarating proposal at a more iconic landmark?!

Contact: Matagarup Zip+Climb
Distance from CBD:3km

Penguin Island Boardwalk Trail - Perth

Tranquil Walk

Penguin Island Boardwalk Trail

This 1.5km loop will present you with the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with penguins. Being home to the largest colony of Fairy Penguins, it’s the perfect spot to propose for nature lovers, and will allow you and your lady to experience close encounters with the Island’s flora and fauna too.

Distance from CBD: 8km

perth5 (1)

Hidden Gem

Harold Boas Gardens

A serene lake, waterfall and rock cascade feature in this gorgeous inner-city garden. With large grassed areas and ample shade from well-established trees, finding a special spot to get down on one knee won’t be hard to do.

Contact: Harold Boas Gardens
Distance from CBD: 2km

The Reveley

Stylish & Swanky

The Reveley

Both city and river views surround Henry’s Rooftop making it one of Perth’s most scenic cocktail destinations. With a share style menu, live entertainment and relaxed vibes, The Reveley is designed to impress.

Contact: The Reveley
Distance from CBD: 1km

Mettams Pool

Beautiful Beach

Mettams Pool

The 1.5m deep reef is a magnet for a huge variety of fish, starfish, and molluscs; all of which can be seen within a few steps from the beach. If your special lady loves all-things-aquatic, then you won’t find a better spot for proposing than here!

Distance from CBD: 16km

Stirling Gardens

Serene Gardens

Stirling Gardens

The kangaroo sculptures, a water feature, a huge Moreton Bay Fig tree and fabled May Gibbs’ creations Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are some of the more interesting aspects of this parkland.

Contact: Stirling Gardens
Distance from CBD: 1km

Kings Park

Perfect View

Kings Park

In addition to being one of the most stunning parks in all of Western Australia, the views it affords are second to none. Once you meander around the park—only a stone’s throw from the city centre—you’ll be treated to one of the most majestic views for getting down on one knee. Perfect for a sunset proposal!

Distance from CBD: 2km

Funcats Watersports

On the Water


Enjoy the tranquility of kayaking down the Swan River with your wife-to-be. She’ll be having the time of her life before she realises her day’s about to get even better! And if you’re really really lucky, you’ll spot a dolphin or two as the cherry-on-the-top.

Contact: Funcats Watersports
Distance from CBD:6km

imgpsh_fullsize_anim (27) (1)

Fun & Different

Roller Skating

The proposal has been skating through your mind for a while, and now its time to bring it to life and skate around each other. The key difference? Only you know that this isn’t just another fun outing together! Once you’ve done a few laps of the rink, you’re able to pull out that ring and transform a great day into one of the best days of your lives.

Contact: Morley Rollerdrome
Distance from CBD: 8km

C Restaurant in the Sky

Fine Dining

C Restaurant in the Sky

Aside from being Western Australia’s only revolving restaurant, it also does a pretty good job at showing off the best of Perth too. It’s located on the 33rd floor of St Martins Tower and offers a ‘wow’ factor as you watch the sun go to sleep with the one that you love as you pop the big question.

Contact: C Restaurant in the Sky
Distance from CBD: 1km

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Picking the Perfect Place to Propose in Adelaide

There’s no shortage of incredible places to propose to your girlfriend in Adelaide. You only get one chance to pop the question, so getting this right will create an ever-lasting memory etched into your relationship forevermore.

Below we’ve summarised 10 great places to propose in Adeliade that represent some the best proposal locations that are sure to impress.

Elder Park Rotunda Adelaide

City Iconic

Elder Park Rotunda

In decades to come, when your grandchildren ask where you proposed, you’ll be able to tell them exactly where without any vagueness or ambiguity. The Rotunda in Elder Park is one of the most well-known and iconic structures in Adelaide, and makes for the perfect backdrop for popping the question.

Distance from CBD: 1km


Tranquil Walk

River Torrens Linear Trail

With 30km of trail that runs alongside the River Torrens from Athelstone through to the river mouth at Henley Beach—you have plenty of choices as to where you decide to get down on one knee. The trail is lined with River Red Gums and reed beds, but if deciding on the exact spot for asking the big question, then consider the mini oasis in the heart of the CBD—it’s one of the most stunning!

Distance from CBD: 1km

Adelaide Himeji Gardens

Hidden Gem

Adelaide Himeji Garden

The Garden blends two classic styles: ‘senzui’ (lake and mountain garden) where water and the imagination create images of vastness and grandeur, with ‘kare senzui’ (dry garden) where rocks and sand evoke the presence of water and the sea itself. This symbolism alone is enough to make it the perfect place for proposing, yet is still complemented by the natural stunning ambiance.

Contact: City of Adelaide
Distance from CBD: 1km

HENNESSY Rooftop Bar

Stylish & Swanky

HENNESSY Rooftop Bar

Atop Adelaide’s luxury Mayfair Hotel is the popular and sophisticated HENNESSY Rooftop Bar. Hand-crafted furnishings and crystal chandeliers affirm HENNESSY Rooftop Bar’s reputation as the height of city chic. Sweeping views of Adelaide surround the beautifully appointed lounge and bar, while outdoor terraces overlook the city’s iconic Rundle Mall and King William Street. A proposal here will ooze style and sophistication.

Contact: HENNESSY Rooftop Bar
Distance from CBD: 1km


Beautiful Beach

Port Willunga

This stunning beach is famous for its golden cliff faces, crystal clear waters and soft white sands. It is an ideal spot for those long beach walks on the wet sand, with only the sound of waves lapping at your feet. Once you pop the question, head up to the famous Star of Greece restaurant nestled on the edge of the cliff top, for stunning views of the coast.

Contact: Port Willunga
Distance from CBD: 2km

Adeliade Botanic Garden

Serene Gardens

Adelaide Botanic Garden

In the heart of the city but another world away, the Adelaide Botanic Garden is an oasis of beautifully landscaped gardens, majestic avenues and stunning architecture. For nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful and placid destination to propose, Adelaide’s Botanic Garden might just be your go-to destination.

Contact: Botanic Gardens of South Australia
Distance from CBD: 2km

Adelaide Gondola

Classic Romance

Private Gondola Cruise

It may not be Venice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience some old-fashioned romantic charm with a private gondola cruise down the picturesque River Torrens. Soak in the beautiful scenery of Adelaide as you listen to the birds chirping and soothing sounds of the moving water, enjoyed with a bottle of wine. For a more intimate experience, you can also ask to take the gondolas to a more private location including West Lakes, Mannum and Murray Bridge.

Contact: Adelaide Gondola
Distance from CBD: 3km

Temptation Sailing

On the Water

Sunset Cruise

Imagine yourself sitting on a sailing catamaran sipping sparkling wine while watching the sun set over the water. View the picturesque sights of Adelaide and the beautiful lights along the foreshore of Glenelg whilst you relax and enjoy a quiet beverage with the woman of your dreams. Once you pop the question, return to Marina Pier—one of Adelaide’s best outdoor dining destinations, for a celebratory drink.

Contact:Temptation Sailing
Distance from CBD:11km

Aldinga Beach

Fun & Different

Driving on Aldinga Beach

There aren’t many beaches that you’re generally able to drive on, so it’s a double-bonus that this beach happens to also be one of South Australia’s finest too! Your wife-to-be will be super impressed with the fun-factor of driving on the beach with its beautiful backdrop, which is sure to make the occasion even more special than it was always going to be.

Contact: City of Onkaparinga
Distance from CBD: 47km


Fine Dining

Windy Point Restaurant

Through full length 180° windows, you and your special lady can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views, sweeping from the Gulf of St Vincent to the Adelaide Hills. Combine this with a fine dining experience with gourmet cuisine and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Contact: Windy Point Restaurant
Distance from CBD: 9km

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Picking the Perfect Place to Propose in Brisbane

There’s no shortage of incredible places to propose to your girlfriend in Brisbane. You only get one chance to pop the question, so getting this right will create an ever-lasting memory etched into your relationship forevermore.

Below we’ve summarised 10 great places to propose in Brisbane that represent some the best proposal locations that are sure to impress.

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

City Iconic

Top of the Story Bridge

Imagine proposing at the top of Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge as the sun sets on the horizon and the city comes to life with lights. For thrill-seeking romantics, you have the option of climbing up the bridge’s 1,138 steps to ask the magic question, before descending down under the warm glow of the ever-changing Story Bridge multi-coloured lighting system.

Contact:Story Bridge Adventure Climb
Distance from CBD:2km

Brisbane Riverwalk

Breathtaking Walk

Brisbane Riverwalk

The Brisbane Riverwalk connects two of Brisbane’s most vibrant precincts: trendy New Farm and the Brisbane CBD. The natural waterways fuse perfectly into their clean and urban surroundings and allow you to walk it, cycle it, or do a combination of both. You can choose to start or finish wherever you wish, and being only 870m long, might be the perfect distance for a breathtaking walk proposal.

Distance from CBD:1km

City Botanic Gardens

Hidden Gem

Fairy Light Fig Trees

Enter Brisbane’s lush, inner-city botanic gardens haven, adjacent to the Goodwill Bridge, to find two magical fig trees covered in fairy lights. It’s an enchanting way to pop the question, and will score you bonus points for the romantic thoughtfulness that went into it!

Contact:City Botanic Gardens
Distance from CBD:1km

Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar

Stylish & Swanky

Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar

If style and sophistication is the name of your game, then you can’t overlook Sixteen Antlers. It’s one of Brisbane’s most inviting rooftop bars with incredible views of the city. With good food, drinks, and located in the heart of the CBD; you’ll ensure that all the right notes are hit for asking that ever-important question.

Contact:Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar
Distance from CBD:1km

Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

Serene Gardens

Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

Recognised as Queensland’s premier subtropical botanic gardens, this mini paradise is rich in self-guided walking trails with no shortage of majestic options for popping the question. You’ll feel like you’ve escaped the city and found a hidden paradise that she’s sure to love (almost) as much as she loves you!

Contact:Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens
Distance from CBD:8km

Eagle's Nest Brisbane

Perfect View

Eagle’s Nest at Kangaroo Point

What better way to propose than at Brisbane’s leading rooftop bar with stunning city views and signature drinks. Your late afternoon sunset cocktails will become post-proposal celebratory drinks. And what better backdrop for such a special occasion than the beautiful Brisbane River and city centre!

Contact:Eagle’s Nest Brisbane
Distance from CBD:2km

Kayak Fun

On the Water

Brisbane River Evening Kayak

Enjoy a unique journey with your wife-to-be as you paddle past dazzling lights along the riverside; enjoying the sights and sounds of the spectacular South Bank promenade. Why not pop the question as you paddle under the colour-changing lights of Victoria Bridge? This’ll be a paddle she’ll never forget!

Contact:Kayak Fun
Distance from CBD:2km


Fun & Different

Gondola on Bribie Island

You don’t need to go to Venice to be a true romantic! Enjoy a day or night cruise along the beautiful and scenic Pumicestone passage and canals on Bribie Island. You’re lucky to have found the love of your life, and you may get even luckier in marking this special occasion with the sighting of a dolphin or two.

Contact:Bribie Island Gondola
Distance from CBD:77km

Blackbird Restaurant

Fine Dining

Blackbird Restaurant

You won’t find a better option that combines crème de la crème dining with unsurpassed views. This restaurant has a clear flare for luxuriant steaks, complemented by their reputation for first-class cocktails. Proposing with these elements is sure to impress and leave an imprint to last a lifetime.

Contact:Blackbird Restaurant
Distance from CBD:1km

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Picking the Perfect Place to Propose in Melbourne

There’s no shortage of incredible places to propose to your girlfriend in Melbourne. You only get one chance to pop the question, so getting this right will create an ever-lasting memory etched into your relationship forevermore.

Below we’ve summarised 10 great places to propose in Melbourne that represent some the best proposal locations that are sure to impress.


City Iconic

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

The Southern Hemisphere’s only giant observation wheel provides a view like no other and an experience neither of you will ever forget. Day or night, you’ll feel on top of the world as the Melbourne Star glides on its gentle arc through the sky. Watch the constantly changing drama of the busy port, scenic gardens, bustling streets and bright lights of the city below—a truly Melbournian way to propose.

Contact:Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
Distance from CBD:3km


Breathtaking Walk

St Kilda Boardwalk

St Kilda is Melbourne’s seaside playground and is renowned for its palm-lined boardwalk and expansive view of Port Phillip. The pier provides panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline and the perfect spot for popping the question. You’re also surrounded by a ton of great restaurants and bars in Acland and Fitzroy Street to celebrate the special occasion right after she says ‘yes!”

Distance from CBD:8km


Hidden Gem

Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens

Not many people know about this place, but the Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens are the perfect blend of novelty, beauty and bonding. This place will add an element of fun right before you get serious and ask the ever-important question. The site contains a beautiful circular rose maze accompanied by a flowering Lavender Labyrinth—all set among 25 acres of world acclaimed gardens.

Contact:Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens
Distance from CBD:94km

Eau De Vie

Stylish & Swanky

Eau de Vie

Eau de Vie is a classy seated cocktail bar located in Melbourne’s CBD. Known for its stylish ambiance and incredible spirits collection, its cocktails are served under plumes of liquid nitrogen with food designed to accompany good drinking. The perfect place to set the scene for a classy proposal!

Contact:Eau de Vie
Distance from CBD:1km

Half Moon Bay

Beautiful Beach

Half Moon Bay Beach

This beautiful spot is a stunning beach-bay that is perfect for just sitting on the rocks and taking in the magic of the ocean. If you’re lucky, there’s a chance you’ll see dolphins or seals. With its secluded and intimate cliffs right behind you, Half Moon Bay Beach maintains a warm and calming ambiance that’s perfect for snuggling and cozying up with your wife-to-be.

Distance from CBD:20km


Serene Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

With its stunning vistas, tranquil lakes and diverse plant collections; Victoria’s Royal Botanic Gardens are a place of continual discovery and delight. This inner-city oasis is home to more than 10,000 plant species that act as the perfect kaleidoscope backdrop for popping the big question.

Contact: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
Distance from CBD:2km

Eureka Skydeck

Perfect View

Eureka Skydeck

After the sun sets over Melbourne, Eureka Skydeck becomes one of the most beautiful spots in the city for romantic proposals. Located 285 metres above the ground, Eureka Skydeck ensures breathtaking 360° floor-to-ceiling views of the stunning Melbourne skyline. Take advantage of the private Edge ridge—a transparent glass cube suspended off the deck—for one of the most romantic ways you’re able to propose.

Contact:Eureka Skydeck
Distance from CBD:1km

Kayak Melbourne

On the Water

Moonlight Kayak Tour

This is a spectacular way to experience the sights of Melbourne from a unique water-level perspective. Kick-off from Victoria Harbour and continue upstream under the Bolte Bridge and past the stylish Southbank and dramatic fire-ball display. Conclude at the Rowing Sheds directly across from Federation Square. With the ability to propose at any point along the way, it’s a special way to ask a special girl that special question.

Contact:Kayak Melbourne
Distance from CBD:3km

Picture This Ballooning

Fun & Different

Hot Air Ballooning over Melbourne

Imagine flying in a private balloon over Melbourne, the Yarra Valley or Daylesford. You have the option of having a chauffer come pick you up and drop you off as well as present her with a bunch of roses to complement the ‘Will You Marry Me’ banner on offer too. You can also invite your family and friends to join you afterwards for a champagne breakfast!

Contact:Picture This Ballooning
Distance from CBD:29km


Fine Dining

Vui de Monde

Considered one of Melbourne’s most glitzy and glamorous restaurants and cocktail bars, Vui de Monde is definitely worth considering if style and class is what you’re going for. It’s located on the 55th floor of Melbourne’s iconic Rialto building, and has sweeping views of Melbourne’s cityscape. It’s bound to impress and imbue the occasion with elegance and sophistication.

Contact:Vui de Monde
Distance from CBD:1km

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10 Things to Think About to Plan the Perfect Proposal

When we think about a proposal, there’s a clear image in our heads of what this is going to look like: it probably involves a guy on his knee, holding a ring, with a combined look of happiness and shock on a girl’s face. The words “will you marry me!?” and “Yes!” will also almost definitely be said.

However, there are many things involved that go into getting a proposal right. There are few occasions in your lifelong relationship that are as significant as this event, so you’ll want to make sure that you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s in getting everything absolutely right.

Fortunately, with a little forethought and planning, you’re able to do exactly that. Below are ten things to think about for planning the perfect proposal…

Get Permission From Her Parents

It’s a little old-fashioned, but remains widely-practiced. Asking permission from her parents shows respect to your wife-to-be and her family. It shows that even as you look towards the future, you also value the past. And when it comes to popping the big question, you can grease the tracks by slipping in the fact that her parents think it’s a good idea too!

Will it be public or private?

For some, they want nothing more than telling the entire world about their excitement in spending the rest of their lives with the love-of-their life. For others, they want this special moment simply to be between just the two of them. There’s no right or wrong answer as to which is best. It comes down to knowing your personal preference as well as thinking about hers. What kind of proposal would she most appreciate? Once you’ve decided this, you can let the relevant people in on the secret. Make sure you give everyone enough notice to be at a time and place that they need to be, but not too much notice that your secret may accidentally slip.

Pick the Right Location

How lucky are we to live in Australia!? There’s no shortage of stunning options for picking a place to propose. When you do so, think about what ‘type’ of proposal you’re going for. Do you want something with a view? Would you prefer a fancy restaurant? Is there somewhere sentimental to the two of you? It’s important to think this through at the beginning as many of the other arrangements of the plan will be dependent on this. Make sure that if it’s an outdoor location, you have a wet weather contingency plan. Also make sure that she’ll be appropriately dressed for wherever it is that you end up deciding to do.

Purchase the Ring far in Advance

It can take a good month or longer between starting the process of getting the ring and this critical piece of the puzzle ending up in your hot little hands. To be absolutely safe, start looking for your ring no less than two months before you plan on popping the question. The last thing you want is to stress out about its arrival once everything else is locked and loaded.

Organise Some Flowers

There’s no limit on what’s possible with flowers and your proposal. You’re able to ‘go big’ and organise a stack of loose-leaf roses to scatter around the location you plan on proposing. Alternatively, you could turn up with a stunning bouquet of fresh and fabulous flowers that she’ll love. Or you could keep things simple and turn up with a single red rose—symbolic of the love you have for your one-and-only. Whatever you decide, make sure that you place an order with the florist a few days in advance, and make arrangements to have the flowers picked up or delivered in a way that fits in with the rest of your plans.

Play Some Romantic Music

It’s not essential, but having the appropriate background music can add a special touch to the atmosphere and ambiance you’re trying to create. There may be a special song that means something to just the two of you. And if not, there are no shortage of romantic love songs to pick from. You can choose to play this off your phone, have a friend or family member help out, or if proposing at a venue like a restaurant, request that it be played in the background.

Think About What You Want to Say

In theory, there are only four essential words that are absolutely required for any proposal: will you marry me? However, use your proposal as an opportunity to express all of the reasons you’re asking this question in the first place. Recap on all of the special things that the two of you have done in the past. Remind her of how you two came together in the first place, and how far you’ve come since then. Tell her about all the things that make her special and that inspire you towards wanting to propose. Explain all of the things that you’re excited to do in the future together too.

Document the Moment

The day you proposed will be remembered as a key milestone in your relationship for the rest of your lives together. It is therefore desirable to document the occasion to look back on with smiles that will last forever and ever. If there are friends or family around, organise for one of them to take some photos and videos. Alternatively, staff at a venue are able to do this for you too. If you wanted to go all-out, you could organise for a photographer to just happen to be at the right place at the right time. And if it’s going to be a private affair with just the two of you, don’t forget to take a few lovebird-selfies to immortalise the moment.

Organise for her to do her Nails

This won’t always be possible, and shouldn’t be forced if it’ll give away the surprise. However, most girls wish they had their nails done prior to being proposed to, since they’re likely going to be showing off a stunning ring on their hands to the world shortly after. If it’s possible (and you’re happy to do so) see if you can recruit one of her friends into doing some ‘lady bonding time’ and getting their nails done in the days prior to the proposal. Obviously, you need to trust her friend and explain the importance of the secret and the special role they have to play.

Have Some Personal Time for Just the Two of You

If you’ve opted for a more public proposal, or you’re surrounded by friends and family, anyone around you will naturally be excited to join in the celebrations. You’ll also likely be sharing the exciting news on social media straight after too. Make sure that you and your wife-to-be take a brief moment to relish in the joy of building a life together that is exclusive to just the two of you. Don’t miss out on having some one-on-one time—no matter how brief—to soak up this special occasion with one another.

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Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Certification

Diamond rings are very often sold with certificates, but may people remain not fully aware of what this magical piece of paper represents, nor are they clear on the reliability of the certificate.

With a little guidance, you too can learn what the diamond certificate relates to, and how to ensure that it becomes more than just a piece of paper to you.

Certificates for diamonds are often referred to as diamond grading reports. For example, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) produce such a report:

You should always request a report when purchasing a diamond.

What is Diamond

Who is Involved in
Diamond Certification?

Why Should you Care
About Diamond Certification?

What is Diamond Certification?

Certification is the result of the process by which diamonds are assessed by gemmologists.

They are produced by accredited and reputed institutes such as the GIA, HRD or EGL.

Different diamond certificates offer different information. However, in almost all cases, a diamond certificate will include detailed measurements of the diamond’s dimensions, an assessment of the quality and symmetry of polish, and an analysis of the diamond’s quality. This results in standardized grades across the 4C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

A common question that people ask when purchasing a diamond is how they can be assured of value for their purchase? The diamond certificate should assist in answering this question.

Diamond certificates outline a diamond stone’s specifications, configuration, merits and demerits. A diamond grading report will grade a diamond across the 4C’s and thirteen other factors in order to determine its quality (and therefore value). The GIA Diamond Grading Report covers:

In short, if a diamond has an accompanying certificate, you will be better assured of its value, and are able to purchase with less hesitation.

Who is Involved in Diamond Certification?

There are several organizations involved in certification. In all likelihood, the names you’ll come across most often are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the AGS (American Gem Society).

These are independent organizations who employ trained gemmologists for the specific purpose of performing accurate diamond certification.

They are not affiliated with any vendor, so there’s no need to worry about the certificate being biased. If you come across certificates provided by other organisations, it’s a good idea to look into the background of the organization in question and ensure that they are independent and impartial.

The GIA are considered the ‘gold standard’ of diamond certification, and have become the trusted go-to source within the industry. If looking for maximum peace of mind, look for the following GIA badge on any diamond you purchase:

Why Should you Care About Diamond Certification?


With a diamond certificate, you’re able to ascertain what your diamond is worth. With the information contained in the certificate, you’re then able to reference tools like the Rapaport Price List to get an idea of the value of your diamond against established benchmarks. Armed with this knowledge, you’re also better protected against overpaying from sellers. It will also prevent you from under-valuing your diamond if you were ever to sell it too.


The certificate will future-proof your purchase. The diamond certificate assists in protecting its value, as it will be called upon for inspection from prospective buyers. Without a certificate, you may have difficulty getting the price that you deserve.


Any diamond dealer that refuses or hesitates to let you see the grading certificate of a diamond should be a massive red flag! Similarly, avoid jewellers who tell you that a certified diamond is going to cost you more—the only extra cost should be the small sum that covers the cost of the certificate.


It is always prudent to have your diamond insured. And any insurer will require a certificate for their records. If it ever gets lost or stolen, there should be no arguments over its replacement value.

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How to Select the Diamond Shape Based on Her Personality

There are many technical elements to finding the perfect diamond engagement ring. When thinking about the 4C’s, you have the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight to think about. But chances are, even before you turned your attention to all of these vital diamond components, you probably had an idea of what your diamond ring was going to look like, and this would likely have been principally influenced by the diamond’s shape.

A diamond’s shape describes the diamond’s basic outline when viewed face-up. For example, if it is round, cushion or pear. This is different from the diamond’s cut, which is something completely different, as the cut refers specifically to how the diamond’s facets are arranged.

Below we’ll run through your various shape options and key things to keep in mind when deciding on what shape is right for you…


Round shaped diamonds are the most popular shape and are frequently used for Solitaire-set engagement rings. Almost all round diamonds are brilliant cut since the angles created with a brilliant cut helps to enhance its fire and brilliance.

Popular Round Diamond Rings



Princess shaped diamonds are a very bright and acute style, with uncut corners. Generally, it is a square or rectangular cut. The brilliant style is because of the vertical directions in the crown and facets in the pavilion instead of horizontal cuts. This diamond shape is one of the most wanted for engagement rings, and most often, princess cut engagement rings are accented with other smaller stones with the diamond at its centre.

Popular Princess Diamond Rings



The cushion cut diamond is popular with those who desire an antique style engagement ring. They are nonetheless, known for being both classic and contemporary. Cushion cut retains more colour face up than a brilliant cut, which makes them a good choice for coloured diamonds. Cushion cut diamonds have curved sides and rounded corners.

Popular Cushion Diamond Rings



The emerald cut diamond provides for deep clarity and a large surface table. They are a popular choice for those wanting a larger stone without a high price point, and can give the appearance that they are bigger than they may actually be. Despite being rarer than round or princess shaped diamonds, they are often slightly cheaper, making them an attractive option.

Popular Emerald Diamond Rings



Pear shaped diamonds fuse the best of both the marquise and round shapes. Similarly to marquise shaped diamonds, symmetry is key. Pear shaped diamonds resemble a teardrop, and when worn with the pointy end pointing out towards the tips of the finger, create a slimming effect on the hand.

Popular Pear Diamond Rings


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How to Pick a Ring Setting She’ll Love

When we think of an engagement ring, we often think that what differentiates one ring from another is largely dependent on the diamond that sits atop of that ring.

And whilst the diamond is the centerpiece that makes the ring special in the first place, the ring setting it sits upon is absolutely critical too.

Engagement ring settings vary greatly and reflect the different personalities of different owners.

The setting is also responsible for accentuating or downplaying certain attributes of the centerpiece diamond and creating visual effects that have the potential to bring out the best (and worse) of the gemstone.

Different people also live different lifestyles, making some settings more or less appropriate than others. This throws a ‘practical considerations’ element into the mix.

And finally, different settings cater to different budget objectives, which may also influence a shortlist of settings that may be more or less appropriate for you too.

Below we overview five of the most popular ring settings you may wish to consider and outline the reasons that many people gravitate towards each…


The solitaire setting has come to be the most popular engagement ring setting for a whole lot of reasons. Don’t be fooled by its subtle and unassuming nature—it is bold, striking and elegant. Solitaire settings shine a spotlight on your diamond without any distraction. If choosing a solitaire setting, prioritise the diamond’s cut; as the diamond’s sparkle, brilliance and fire will be most noticeable.

Popular Solitaire Rings



Halo settings also do a great job of drawing attention to your centerpiece diamond. They are a good option for when working with a smaller diamond and looking for clever ways to make your centerpiece diamond appear bigger than it actually is. This becomes possible by encircling the diamond with a number of pave diamonds, that creates a strong and large diamond presence at the top of the ring. And just like the solitaire setting, cut is critical in halo rings too.

Popular Halo Rings



The three-stone setting typically places your centerpiece diamond in the middle of the ring, flanked by two smaller stones on both sides. Each stone is said to represent the yesterday, today and tomorrow of your relationship. Round brilliant cut and princess cuts are the most popular diamond shapes for this setting. The three-stone setting is popular as it maximises sparkle and brilliance and has the ability to enhance the appearance of the centerpiece diamond too.

Popular Three-Stone Rings



Bezel settings have gained popularity for their modern look and suitability for active lifestyles. Bezel settings encircle the centrepiece diamond with a thin metal rim instead of holding the diamond with prongs. This keeps the diamond tightly and durably in place and ensures the diamond remains as protected as possible. Depending on your preferences, you can leave the sides open or closed with a full or partial bezel.

Popular Bezel Rings



These settings split the shank of the ring (the band that actually encircles her finger) into two separate shanks. Because of their uniqueness, they command a lot of attention and stand out from traditional single-shank bands. They draw attention to the centrepiece diamond, thus making it more noticeable. They are also great for adding additional side stones that create extra sparkle.

Popular Split-Shank Rings


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How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

Getting engaged signifies taking the next step in your relationship. It’s an important milestone, and one you want to make sure you get right.

It is most-commonly symbolised by asking for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage by giving her an engagement ring. And with so many different options, how do you know how much you should be spending on this ever-important purchase?

Thinking about how much to spend on an engagement ring is one of the most common questions at the forefront of the mind of someone that is about to propose.

The secret to knowing how much to spend lies in striking the optimal balance between your financial reality and the expectations of your partner.

Everyone’s situation will be different and the balance of these two things will naturally be different too.

Nonetheless, there are still a few methodologies that are used for approaching this major purchase decision…

The Two-Months Salary Rule

You may have heard of the two months’ salary rule. No big surprises as to how this works: you are supposed to spend two months of your income on the engagement ring.

For example, if you make $5,000 per month, then you’d spend $10,000 on the ring.

It is nowadays commonly accepted that this is very much an outdated rule that was initiated by the diamond company De Beers and driven by marketers.

People’s earning potential increases at later stages of their careers, and depending on when you get engaged, can result in both over or under-spending on the ring.

There is also a big difference between net versus gross earnings, which can make a massive difference on how much you spend using this rule.

And if you have a big university debt, then spending a large sum on a ring with that debt hanging over your head might feel like an (already tight) noose that’s getting even tighter around your neck.

Alternatively, there’s the social average rule. At first glance, this makes a lot of sense, since you can take the average spend by the “common man” as a basis for comparison.

This may represent a useful benchmark and more realistic framework than the two-months salary rule, but still doesn’t take into account your personal financial situation (which may still result in meeting the social average hard or impossible).


It is important to balance your financial situation with your partner’s expectations. It is important to remember that buying an engagement ring is different to buying that pair of running shoes you bought online the other day.

An engagement ring is a symbol of your relationship and the love you have for your girlfriend.

As you look towards the future, the proposal marks the beginning of the rest of your lives together and the ring is symbolic of that milestone.

It is likely that your partner will have thought about this special day at some point throughout your relationship.

As many women have a natural fascination with jewellery, she may likely have given some thought to her ideal engagement ring, which means she probably has an idea about some basic things like its style and the diamond shape, size and colour.

Your financial reality means that you should not spend beyond your means, but spending adequately on an engagement ring can demonstrate that you see the life ahead with your special lady as one of your highest priorities.

Clever Cost-Saving Strategies

Regardless of budget, there are always things you’re able to do to maximise your bang-for-buck.

Certain diamond attributes are visible to the naked eye, whereas others are not.

Naturally, the size and carat weight of the diamond will show obvious differences if bigger or smaller. Similarly, the cut will show greater or lesser sparkle depending on the cut-grade that you choose.

However selecting diamonds with inclusions that are observable only under a microscope might represent a good compromise if need be. Many diamond colours are also very difficult to distinguish by the naked eye, and small differences can often represent big savings.

Make sure that you also get multiple quotes as different jewellers have different stock they are often trying to clear with different levels of urgency. If time is on your side and you’ve done your homework with different jewellers, there’s a high likelihood you’ll come across a diamond priced below what it may likely be selling for with other jewellers.

Similarly, try to avoid typical store-front jewellers as their retail overheads often add a layer of additional expense that inevitably gets passed on to you as the customer.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the 4C’s

The 4C’s are the globally-accepted standard for describing the quality of diamonds.

They refer to a diamond’s…

Being familiar with the 4C’s enables you to talk about a diamond’s quality in a ‘universal language’, and helps you understand exactly what type of diamond you are about to purchase.


Many people confuse the colour grade of a diamond with the category of diamonds that are referred to as fancy coloured diamonds—diamonds that are naturally-coloured.

This is not what we are referring to when we talk about ‘Colour’ in the 4C’s.

When talking about Colour in the context of the 4C’s, we are actually talking about a diamond’s lack of colour. The less colour, the better the diamond.

Diamond colours are sorted into five different grades:



The best diamonds are those that are colourless. These have a grading of ‘D’, ‘E’ or ‘F’. They are significantly more expensive. The differences between these three grades is very small, and all three grades are considered to be a high-grade colour. These diamonds look excellent when paired with white gold or platinum ring metals.

Near Colourless


The next best, are diamonds that are near colourless. These have a grading of ‘G’, ‘H’, ‘I’ or ‘J’. Near colourless diamonds are more common than colourless diamonds, and are therefore less expensive. These diamonds have either a very slight warmth to their tone, a faint yellow hue, a slight yellow tint or a light yellow tone. All of these features are difficult to detect by the naked eye and can typically only be seen when compared side-by-side with diamonds of a higher colour grade.

Faint Colour


Following on, are faint colour diamonds. These have a grading of ‘K’, ‘L’ or ‘M’. These diamonds are a good option if you desire a larger diamond, but are limited by budget. Their faint colour is often hard to differentiate from lower-grade, near colourless diamonds.

Light Colour


After this, are light colour diamonds. These have a grading of ‘N’, ‘O’, ‘P’, ‘Q’ or ‘R’. These diamonds have a slight colour that can be seen by the naked eye. They are much cheaper than higher-grade diamond colours, and are usually deemed undesirable because of their inferior qualities.

Very Light Colour


Finally, there are very light colour diamonds. These have a grading of ‘S’, ‘T’, ‘U’, ‘V’, ‘W’, ‘X’, ‘Y’ or ‘Z’. These diamonds have a warm tint that is visible to the naked eye. They are generally deemed undesirable for making jewellery and are rarely used when making diamond engagement rings.


Diamond Clarity refers to the absence of blemishes and inclusions.

Flaws on the surface of the diamond are referred to as blemishes. Flaws within the stone are referred to as inclusions.

Since diamonds are natural creations—created over millions of years—inclusions and blemishes are inevitable. Nonetheless, diamonds with the fewest inclusions or blemishes receive the highest clarity grade, and have a higher value.

There are different types of diamond inclusions and blemishes. Examples of diamond inclusions are clouds, feathers, knots and internal graining. Examples of diamond blemishes are polish lines, scratches, nicks and breaks.

There are five factors when it comes to determining a diamond’s clarity:


  1. Size: The larger or more noticeable the flaw, the lower the clarity grade
  2. Number: The fewer flaws, the higher the clarity grade
  3. Position: The location of flaws has the potential to turn inclusions into reflectors, which will lower the clarity grade
  4. Nature: The type of inclusion and its impact on the diamond’s durability will influence the clarity grade
  5. Relief: The contrast between the flaw and its surrounding area will influence how easily the inclusion is able to be seen, and will impact the clarity grade

There are six different diamond clarity grades on the GIA scale:



These are diamonds with no blemishes or inclusions that are visible under a 10x magnification. They are incredibly rare and represent less than 1% of all diamonds.

Internally Flawless


These are diamonds with no inclusions within the stone that are visible under a 10x magnification. They have small surface blemishes that are visible under a microscope, but still remain eye clean.

Very, Very Slightly Included


These are diamonds with no inclusions within the stone that are visible under a 10x magnification. They have small surface blemishes that are visible under a microscope, but still remain eye-clean.

Very Slightly Included


These are diamonds with no inclusions within the stone that are visible under a 10x magnification. They have small surface blemishes that are visible under a microscope, but still remain eye clean.

Slightly Included


These are diamonds with minor inclusions that range from difficult through to somewhat easy to see at 10x magnification.



These are diamonds with inclusions that are noticeable under a 10x magnification. They are not always eye clean.

Usually, a diamond’s beauty is not affected by any inclusions since most inclusions can only be seen under a magnifying glass. This makes diamond clarity less important than a diamond’s colour or cut.

For this reason, Slightly Included (SI) and Very Slightly Included (VS) graded diamonds often provide the greatest bang-for-buck since any inclusions are almost impossible to be seen without magnification.

Clarity becomes more important for diamonds with a larger carat weight, and with some fancy-shaped diamonds that accentuate flaws.


It’s a common misconception that when talking about a diamond’s cut, we’re talking about its shape (e.g. round, heart, pear, etc).

Cut actually refers to how well a diamond’s facets interact with light to create sparkle and brilliance.

Of all the 4C’s, a diamond’s cut is the most complex and has the greatest impact on its…


  1. Brightness:The amount of internal and external white light that is reflected from the diamond
  2. Fire:The scattering of white light into a broad range of colours
  3. Scintillation:The amount of sparkle a diamond produces and pattern of light vs. dark areas resulting from reflections within the diamond

A well-cut diamond also reflects the design and craftsmanship that went into producing the diamond. It includes features such as the diamond’s weight-to-diameter ratio, girdle thickness, symmetry of its facet arrangement and quality of polish on all its facets.

In simple terms, the cut grade of a diamond refers to its light performance, meaning the degree to which the diamond retains and reflects the light that enters it. A diamond with a good cut will be highly reflective and exhibit the best possible amount of sparkle. Conversely, diamonds that ‘leak’ light through the bottom or side are usually cut too shallow or deep, and will thus have a less favorable cut grade.

Hence, it is the cut of a diamond that affects the way that light travels through the gem, how much is reflected in the eye, and how much leaks out the back.

A well-cut diamond gives off more bright sparkle and shine, and is therefore more highly valued. A diamond that is cut poorly or too thin will have a lot of light leakage, eliminating its potential for sparkle, and diminishing its value. It takes great skill and craftsmanship to transform a diamond in the rough into a dazzling gem.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have created an objective rating system that is widely-accepted as the gold-standard for evaluating a diamond’s cut.

GIA breaks a diamond’s cut down into five categories, and grades a diamond based on the amount of light it is able to refract back out of its table:


The best possible rating is Excellent, and this signifies the diamond is refracting the highest potential amount of light, thus creating an exceptional shimmer when viewed.

Very Good

Next, there is a Very Good cut, which is not an optimal cut, however, it is well-above average and provides a great combination of light refraction and value.


Following closely behind is the Good cut, which produces an adequate amount of brilliance; however, it shimmers noticeably less than the excellent and very good cuts.


Next, the Fair cut provides an acceptable amount of shimmer but is significantly less shiny than the aforementioned cuts.


Last is the Poor cut, which produces a base level of shimmer and should be taken out of consideration if at all possible.

Carat Weight

The term carat is also often misunderstood. It refers to how much a gemstone weighs—not its size. Thus, diamond carat refers to the weight of the diamond stone (or its apparent size).

Carat is the standard measurement metric for gemstones and precious stones, particularly diamonds. A metric ‘carat’ is defined as 200 milligrams,  with each milligram sub-divided into 100 ‘points’. This allows precise measurements to the 100th decimal place.

In industry lingo, jewellers and gemmologists may refer to gemstones by the points of their carat weight. For instance a 0.5 carat gemstone may be referred to by a jeweller as a “fifty pointer”.

All other diamond attributes being equal, a diamond’s price will increase with increased carat weight since larger diamonds are harder to come by. Make sure to pay particular attention to the diamond’s cut, since a high carat weight diamond that is poorly cut may look smaller in comparison to a smaller carat weight diamond that is better-cut.

Some diamonds are considered “magic sizes”. Half carat, three-quarter carat and single carat diamonds are such examples. To maximise value of your diamond purchase, consider purchasing a diamond ever-slightly below these magic sizes. The outcome will be visually negligible to the naked eye, but potentially save you big on its cost.

Some settings can also make a diamond appear bigger than they actually are. Halo settings, for example, create a ring of small diamonds around the centrepiece diamond, giving the appearance that the main diamond is larger than it actually is.

Finally, fancy-shaped diamonds may appear larger than their actual carat weight. Shapes like pear diamonds may be worth considering when trying to get the greatest bang-for-your-buck when it comes to carat weight.

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