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For many, a wedding day can be up there as one of the most meaningful, exciting, emotion-fille days of a person’s life. The honour of witnessing and documenting a couples wedding day journey is an absolute privilege. The way I see my job is that I’m present at your wedding to capture the details, the people, the emotions and the spirit of your wedding day through photography and via many images, tell the story of who you are as a couple and what your wedding day meant to you both with an authenticity that your children and grandchildren will feel when they look back through your wedding photos. That’s a responsibility I love and will never take for granted. So my approach is always to capture what happened and what it meant without influencing things. Of course I understand most couple’s will wish to have some standard group shots and maybe even some portrait photos taken on their big day and that’s totally fine, for the most part however, my approach will be reportage. Many couples love photography but don’t feel like having a ‘photoshoot’ on their wedding day. There’s enough going on without having photographers dominate a day that should be spent close to loved ones and the people you cherish. Documentary wedding photography, otherwise known as reportage wedding photography is all about telling the story of your wedding day as it happens in a photojournalistic manner. That’s me. My approach is discreet and unobtrusive without taking over your day and my style is completely candid. It’s how I love to work because I feel it’s important that when you re-live your big day through the images I’ve created, you’re inclined to say to one another “Do you remember when that happened?”, as opposed to “Do you remember when the photographer made that happen?”. This means I like to get close to the action without being intrusive or staging any shots the way traditional wedding photographers tend to.

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