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Our experienced Maple and June photographers will guide you gently through the process, and document your special day in a professional and unimposing manner, ensuring that you are completely at ease in front of the camera. In taking the time to establish a genuine rapport with our clientele, Maple and June photographers are able to delve deeply into your story, so that your wedding images reflect the absolute uniqueness and authenticity of your romance. Our professional and friendly photographers are adept at gently teasing out your natural, photogenic selves in order to capture candid imagery that radiates warmth and tenderness. Maple and June photographers possess an innate talent for uncovering and capturing those intimate moments that are often lost in the overwhelming excitement of the day, masterfully evoking the narrative beneath the ecstatic smiles and stolen glances. As you and your wedding party lose yourselves in the celebrations, Maple and June photography is on hand to capture those moments of pure love and joy in imagery that is both refined and oozes classical elegance. What results is not simply an assortment of images documenting your special day, but a rich visual tapestry of candid moments attentively woven together frame by frame in celebration of your unique love story.

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