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We, at Divon, come from a diverse background- interior design, portraiture, black & white artistry, graphic design, video, sound; coveting the highest standard in all our work- our aim is to capture all the special moments at your wedding naturally as it un-folds. The Divon style is timeless, classic, and intimate because we value sentimentality, and we believe that the sentimental is priceless. Your wedding is more special than you may realise, it’s uniquely yours- that means it’s a one in a life-time opportunity for “us” to capture. We approach each wedding with as much care and passion as we would our own. We’ve been working together since 2008, previously known as Beani Photography, and since then we have become one of Sydney’s renowned photography studios. We’re extremely proud of the progress we’ve made together, all the people that we’ve met along the way and the relationships and support that we’ve gained. From Team Divon, sincerely thank you.

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