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I craft personal and meaningful wedding ceremonies to mark some of the most important moments of your life! On your wedding day, you are serving your guests and well-wishers with the food you love, favorite flowers, and all the pretty details that mean so much to you. So, why not tailor the ceremony the same way too? As a Wedding and Marriage Celebrant in Sydney, I work closely with you to help you choose your own vows, ceremony, themes, readings, choreography, unity ritual and music to create a meaningful ceremony. You can fully rely on having your wedding and marriage celebrant services officiated by me with complete professionalism, sincerity, warmth, and joy! As an experienced and qualified wedding celebrant, I help officiate beautiful and personalized ceremonies that deeply reflect your love, beliefs, hopes, and dreams for a life together. Whether it’s a long or short ceremony, formal or informal, interfaith or non-religious, secular or spiritual, your rites will always be at the heart of your wedding day.

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